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Book Review : ‘Hinduism and Nature’ by Nanditha Krishna

It blends spirituality, mythology and an analysis of environmental awareness

ISRO’s findings should put an end to the myth of the Saraswati river being a ‘myth’

Pseudo-liberal historians often mock the existence of the river

Anantkumar Hegde’s comments on constitutional amendments – a media manufactured controversy

The Government doesn't lose its powers based on the whims of the 'liberals'

Why we can do without the hypocrisy of Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson

When dynasty serving 'intellectuals' spread propaganda

Supreme Court lawyer says criminalization of triple talaq goes against freedom of speech

It is sad to see self proclaimed feminists trying to deny justice to Muslim women

Urbanization and Politics – Lessons From Gujarat

Faster urbanization and changing voting patterns

Understanding the Doval Doctrine of Defensive Offence

A Summary of Ajit Doval's Lecture at Sastra University in February 2014.

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