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ED moves court to cancel Karti Chidambaram’s interim relief from arrest

Special CBI judge agreed to hear the plea after the ED told the court that custodial interrogation of Karti was required in the matter.

If Court desires respect for law, it must make law respectable by reiterating that nobody is above it

People in this country usually avoid commenting upon the wisdom of My Lords, but this differential treatment is unpalatable

No, homosexual acts have NOT been decriminalized in India

Are our liberals willing to join the charge for gay rights in Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir?

Website representing ‘Indian Muslims’ voice’ calls scrapping of section 377 as ‘a step towards self-destruction’

Darul Uloom Deoband yesterday slammed the Supreme Court's decision saying that according to Shariat, homosexuality is haram and illegitimate.

Today, an ‘intolerant’ India emancipated the tolerant

Given that this is India, those will eventually happen, but like all things in India, it takes time and patience

Section 377 verdict: Homosexuality is no longer a crime in India

Consensual sexual acts between adults in private cannot be termed criminal, SC bench calls the part of section 377 'unconstitutional'.

Rahul Gandhi trusted the Judiciary when it acquitted him of rape, why undermine it now?

Hypocrisy, the lie, is the true sister of evil, intolerance and cruelty

Delhi HC issues notice to top media houses for disclosing identity of victim in Kathua rape case

The Delhi HC also lamented that no organizations and authorities complained about the matter.
Supreme Court in a landmark judgement legalises passive euthanasia, catholic group condemns it

Supreme Court verdict on SC/ST act and the battle of perception for BJP

Time to uphold interests of the SC/ST community while curbing misuse of the law?

SC’s judgement rejecting petition against movie ‘Aiyaary’ exposes the hypocrisy of FoE crusaders

The ones who defend absolute FoE fight against it in Court?

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