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Barkha Dutt quits NDTV and people wonder why

After 21 years Barkha Dutt quits NDTV and people are putting out their theories
Saba Naqvi, Outlook

The dishonesty of ‘journalist’ Saba Naqvi

A fluff piece by a compromised hack, disguised as an honest report.

This Times Now journalist is waiting for Narendra Modi to get assassinated?

A controversial tweet by a journalist named Prashant Kumar shocked Twitter users.

There is crisis in media, and both the Left and the Right should worry about it

Hindustan Times shutting down some of its city editions is just a symptom, the rot is deeper.

Lutyens media fails to hide its hate as Arnab’s venture makes Twitter debut

Many who are part of the establishment media welcomed Arnab’s venture on Twitter with hate.

Arnab Goswami’s new venture ‘Republic’ has arrived on social media

Find out how you can keep track of every update of Arnab's new venture

Hindustan Times shutting down editions – it’s dangerously lazy to blame demonetisation

Leading media groups Hindustan Times is reportedly shutting down some city editions. What next?

A bad day for Indian media: You wont believe these epic fails

Four faux pas in day by Indian media

Mohammad Shami, Mohammad Kaif, Barkha Dutt, and political correctness

Barkha Dutt, like other 'liberal' commentators, was quite subdued over bigotry displayed by a section of people.

This Scroll reporter can write reports on anything just by imagining things

Find out when a reporter should legitimately use anonymous sources in his reportage.

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