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antonio maino

Did Sonia Gandhi have an Italian footballer boyfriend before she met Rajiv Gandhi? Here is what we know

Did Sonia Gandhi have an affair with an Italian footballer Franco Luison before meeting Rajiv Gandhi?

AICC spokesperson wants Sonia Gandhi’s biography as Telangana school syllabus. The whole biography, right?

Will the biography mention the maiden name of Her Highness Sonia Gandhi? Antonia Maino? Asking for a friend, because, the last time someone said it on TV, he got a few dozen FIRs against his name.

Congress party files complaints with police demanding FIR against Arnab Goswami in several states across the country

Arnab Goswami had questioned Sonia Gandhi's silence over Palghar mob lynching incident in Congress ruled Maharashtra

After calling Yogi and Modi ‘outsiders’, Rahul Gandhi plays the ‘my mother is from Italy yet Indian’ card

After Congress attacks Yogi Adityanath for being an 'outsider', Rahul claims his mother is more Indians than many Indians he sees.

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