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Uttar Pradesh: Gangster act imposed against brother and nephew of SP MLA Dharmraj Yadav, their house in Barabanki to be attached

SP MLA Dharmraj alias Suresh Yadav's brother and nephew booked under Gangster Act by UP Police in Barabanki

Social media users outrage over a poster of a Muslim shrine inside Barabanki police station: Here’s the complete truth

A clip of Barabanki SP's media interaction is being shared on social media to question a picture of a Muslim shrine seen in background

UP: High Court approves trial of Mohammed Ishtiaque under NSA, had led Muslim mob violence after police had demolished illegal Barabanki structure

High Court approves prosecution of Mohammed Ishtiaque under NSA for attacking govt officials during the Barabanki illegal structure demolition

Uttar Pradesh: Social media user Ashraf Ali arrested for threatening SDM over demolition of illegal mosque

On Friday, five more people, Mohammad Matin Khan, Mohammad Saad, Suleiman, Farooq Ahmed Khan and Mohammad Kamil, were arrested under suspicion of creating communal unrest.

Barabanki: While Muslim organisations protest demolition of 100-year-old illegal ‘mosque’, residents of the building had fled after receiving notice

Officials say that the demolished 100 year old mosque in Barabanki was an illegal structure built on encroached government land

Barabanki: Family wanted to get rid of mentally disabled girl, so killed her and created the story of rape and murder

The brother of the victim had strangulated her while the mother held her legs down. The brother had also hit her on the private parts to make it look like rape, the police said.

Uttar Pradesh: Communal tension in Barabanki village after land near temple claimed to be part of kabristan

In Uttar Pradesh's Barabanki some members of Muslim community put up barricades from a kabristan (Muslim burial ground) all the way till a nearby temple.

Barabanki: How media and Rahul Gandhi attempted to create another Hathras using the rape of a Dalit girl but the identity of perpetrator foiled...

Politicians and the media attempted to create another Hathras over the Barabanki Rape by inserting a caste angle.

Manipur Handloom calls for stopping mass production of Lierum Phee in UP to protect livelihood of traditional weavers

The method of product and name of Leirum Phee should not be changed, experts said.

Another Janmashtami procession attacked in Uttar Pradesh by a Muslim mob

This is a second such incident in recent days in the state.

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