Topic: Child molestation

Ironically, George Pell was one of the inner circle of nine cardinals chose by Pope Francis to deal with issues such as sexual abuse of children by the clergy, fixing account books and financial reforms. The Pope had declined to remove Cardinal Pell after pressure mounted over the way in which the Church was handling such issues.
Accounts of such horrors have become a constant with the Madarsa's
Qureshi was booked under IPC sections 376 (rape), 363 (kidnapping), and POSCO act
12 of the inmates of the madarsa have accused the Maulana of physical assault
Mother of the victim followed Khan while he was taking the girl, caught him red-handed and handed over to police
This shocking incident took place in the holy month of Ramzan
A businessman with the help of minor child's mother, sexually abused a 10-year old child in Kerala.

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