Monday, June 21, 2021



Maharashtra: Cow smugglers crush police constable Prakash Meshram to death, arrested

Two Muslim cow smugglers have mowed down a police constable, Prakash Meshram and injured two others after they tried to stop these cattle smugglers near Warora

Bulandshahr: Man who allegedly attacked slain Inspector Subodh with an axe arrested

Last week, the Police had arrested one Prashant Natt for allegedly killing Inspector Subodh Singh in Bulandshahr violence.

Aligarh shocker: Cows buried alive in farmland, rescued by the locals

The farmers rescued 5 cows alive from a pit in a farm in Aligarh

Bulandshahr twist: Neither Bajrang Dal leader nor an army soldier, but 30-year-old Prashant Natt is wanted by UP Police

Earlier, Bajrang Dal leader Yogesh Raj was the prime suspect in the killing of Inspector Subodh

Uttar Pradesh: Four cow smugglers arrested in Muzaffarnagar

Cow meat, skin and weapons are also recovered from those accused of cow smuggling in Muzaffarnagar

Uttar Pradesh: Youth named Arif arrested for allegedly raping a four-month-old calf

There was a tense situation in the village after people from Hindu communities gathered in large numbers and demanded the arrest of the accused youth.

Pehlu Khan case: Police finds no evidence of firing on Pehlu Khan’s sons and witnesses

The police examined CCTV footage and no 'black SUV' which reportedly opened fire at them could be seen

The big-picture view of cattle related violence in India : It is more than what meets the eye

India should explore flooding the Bangladesh market with low price Buffalo beef.

Jharkhand: Muslim mob attacks police for oppossing cow slaughter

Earlier, a mob running an illegal cow slaughterhouse had attacked a journalist

IndiaSpend’s factcheck website : A classic case of how fact-checkers peddle an agenda

Perhaps it is time 'factchecker' starts taking its name a little more seriously

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