Friday, May 14, 2021


devendra fadnavis

In Maharashtra, you can’t install a statue even on your private land if ‘minorities’ object

Maharashtra government has virtually given veto power to minorities over installation of statues

Dear Devendra Fadnavis, please use the new law to save journalists from ‘trolls’

The real threat that journalists face are from people who expose their bias and propaganda

People slam Devenda Fadnavis for enacting special law to protect journalists

People are not happy with the latest law enacted by the Fadnavis Govt in Maharashtra

Why the special law to protect journalists in Maharashtra is flawed

Maharashtra has become the first state to pass a special law that aims to protect journalists from attacks.

Times of India invents Maharashtra CM’s son and even gets him married

Devendra Fadnavis has one daughter who is school going

BMC elections: a micro-level analysis

A detailed look at the local elections

Maharashtra Civic Elections Results: The writing on the wall

From the east coast now to the west, BJP is emerging from the shadows of local parties.

Two sides to the coin which is flung in Dance Bars

There are two sides to the Dance Bars argument

Top Lies spread by Indian Media in July 2015

Indian MSM has erred on 27 counts in July 2015

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