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‘How can we call it wrong?’, reacts Mohammed Ghulam’s mother on his encounter; denies accepting the dead body

Mohammed Ghulam was killed in an encounter on 13th April 2023. He was wanted in the Umesh Pal murder case.

Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad, killed in a police encounter, was to marry his aunt’s daughter this year; preparations were delayed after Umesh Pal’s murder

Asad Ahmed, who was killed in an encounter on Thursday, was supposed to tie the knot with his cousin later this year.

Asad Ahmed changed his location between Kanpur and 3 other places before final encounter: more details of ‘Operation Jhansi’ emerge

The Samajwadi party and liberals have claimed that the encounter of Asad Ahmed was fake and sought a probe into the matter

‘Asad Ahmed was planning to attack police convoy to free his father Atiq Ahmed’, reveals UP Police

Asad ahmed was encountered on the same day Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf ahmed were produced before the chief judicial magistrate's court in connection with the Umesh Pal murder case.

Asad Ahmed and Mohammed Ghulam killed in police encounter: Here is their role in the Umesh Pal murder

Atiq Ahmed's son Asad Ahmed was prime accused in Umesh Pal murder case, Mohammed Ghulam had fired at Pal's car during the attac

Umesh Pal murder: Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad and gunman Ghulam killed in police encounter, Atiq cries in court, Pal’s family thanks Yogi for justice

Asad Ahmed, son of gangster turned politician Atiq Ahmed, has been killed in a police encounter at Jhansi

Police car carrying Atiq Ahmed almost overturns as it hits a cow en route to Prayagraj from Sabarmati Jail in Ahmedabad, cow killed

Incidentally, only moments before the incident, when the convoy had stopped for a loo break, Atiq Ahmed had confidently stated that he was not scared when questioned about his Vikas Dubey-style 'encounter' jokes and memes circulating on the internet.

Gangster-politician Atiq Ahmed’s road trip from Ahmedabad jail to Prayagraj escorted by Uttar Pradesh Police triggers meme fest

Given that gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in a police encounter after he tried to escape police custody, social media users claimed that the deceased has been waiting in anticipation of Atiq Ahmed in heaven.

Pro-Khalistan MP Simranjit Singh Mann’s Twitter account withheld in India following his fearmongering over the crackdown on Amritpal Singh

On March 18, Punjab Police launched a massive crackdown on pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh and his associates in Punjab.

Vijay Kumar was named Usman by Atiq Ahmed, killed in an encounter: UP Police to include his religious conversion under the ambit of investigation

Usman Chowdhary alias Vijay Kumar was a member of the Atiq Ahmed gang and was the first to fire a shot at Pal.

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