Sunday, May 29, 2022



Vaccines often cause side effects, a political party getting fever after 2.5 crore doses administered in a day: PM Modi takes a jibe at...

Without naming Congress, PM Modi said that a political party is getting fever after record 2.5 crore vaccinations on 17th September

After Coronavirus and the Bubonic plague alert, thousands infected by bacterial outbreak after factory leak in China: Details

As the world is struggling with the Wuhan coronavirus, reports of an outbreak of another disease are emerging from China.

UP government to monitor people buying cold, cough and fever medicines, asks medical stores to collect information of buyers and send to govt

Medical stores will have keep details of people buying fever, cough and cold medicines and send to the health department on daily basis

420 people dead in Kerala this year due to various serious diseases

The opposition has claimed that the figures are deflated

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