Thursday, January 20, 2022



Tejas Express leaves Goa 3 hours late but reaches Mumbai a minute early

This would go a long way in imbibing punctuality among Indian trains.

Now it might be difficult for Kejriwal to make wild allegations against the Election Commission

Election Commission is reportedly getting tired of all the wild allegations against it

Digvijyay Singh doubts Rahul Gandhi’s decisions? Goa Congress chief’s statement suggests so

The blame game has begun and Rahul Gandhi is in the cross-fire

Parrikar slams media for misquoting him on reason for leaving Delhi

Lost in Translation or deliberate mischief?

The statement by Digvijay Singh that cost Congress one MLA in Goa

Digvijay's blunder has caused even more embarrassment to the Congress

The real reason why Congress failed to form a Government in Goa

How Congress double-crossed GFP only to ensure that GFP would leave it high and dry later

Should the single largest party be invited to form the Govt? Not according to history

President KR Narayanan set a precedent in 1998 about not following the largest party norm.

Dear Adarsh Liberals, look, First Past The Post system is not that bad after all

Vote share data from the recently concluded assembly elections can bring some 'cheers' to Adarsh Liberals.

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