Wednesday, September 29, 2021



For this AAP leader, proof of not being communal is ‘eating beef’

In a public rally attended by Arvind Kejriwal, Goa AAP leader defines secularism through beef.

Goa AAP CM candidate Elvis Gomes, Corruption charges and a problematic letter: The full story

AAP's CM candidate Elvis Gomes has been summoned by the Anti-Corruption Board for an alleged land scam

Senior AAP leader from Goa goes against Kejriwal, hails demonetisation drive

Dr. Oscar Rebello said that demonetisation drive had good some effects, though implementation is faulty.

Goans burn an effigy of an AAP demon on Diwali. Here is why

On Diwali, what is the significance of burning effigy of a demon? Find out.

Goa Elections Part 2: A look at the opposition and the probable outcome

A look at BJP's opposition and summing it up

Goa Elections Part 1: Analysing BJP’s prospects

A bird's eye view of BJP and its position in Goa.

AAP Goa plays politics when India needs to be united against Pakistan

Instead of uniting against Pakistan, we are splitting up

Karnataka rivers issue – No winners here

When efforts are being done to revive the economy, helplessness cannot linger around in one of the economically largest states in the country.

The implosion of AAP – churn or crash and burn?

The wheels are fast coming off AAP's high speed bandwagon

“Sting” videos reveal paid news racket of media: Rs 25 lacs pm for no negative stories

A sting expose once again reveals the dark underbelly of Indian media. Will action be taken?

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