Friday, April 23, 2021



Rahul Gandhi needs to do his homework on Real Estate Bill

Rahul Gandhi's intervention on Real Estate Bill has been too little, too late and uninformed

Arun Shourie is neither 100% right nor 100% wrong

An analysis of Arun Shourie's interview to Headlines Today

Strategic Petroleum Reserve – Big Move by Modi Sarkaar

The move is aimed to bear shocks that may arise from sudden and unexpected movements in global prices.

The Coming of Age of Smriti Irani

Highlights of Smriti Irani's passionate fact-filled speech, which did not make news.

If Modi gave a Obama-esque speech at a 7 RCR Correspondents Dinner

What Modi would say if he were to deliver a speech like Obama

Views on the Indian Economy MSM will not show on Primetime

Indian Economy is set for an upturn, seems to be the consensus of people that matter.

How some in Modi Government are making full use of Social Media

Social Media is affecting how Governance is done at the highest levels.

Humble suggestions to Mr. Jaitley on tackling black money while keeping IT returns simple

Why suspect the middle class of hoarding black money? Some humble suggestions to the Finance Minister.

Dear Mr Jaitley, we do not want tax terrorism

Is India failing on Modi's Minimum Governance Maximum Government maxim?

Important 10 days for Modi Government’s PR Machinery

BJP has to hold one end up as Modi goes overseas

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