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Kerala: Minor Muslim girl found hanging at her ‘religious institute’

It has now come to light that the girl had called her mother and asked her to immediately visit her. When the woman reached the centre, she was not allowed to meet her daughter.

West Bengal: Aghori Sadhu found hanging outside Kali Mandir in Birbhum, locals allege murder by temple secretary

The locals contended that the Aghori Sadhu did not know to write in Bengali and that the suicide note has been written by someone else.

BJP worker found hanging from a tree in West Bengal; party blames TMC: Here is what we know so far

The BJP has accused TMC of murder, alleging that his body was hanged from a tree to make it look like a case of suicide.

Journalists try to prove AIMIM MP Imtiyaz Jaleel demanding death penalty for Nupur Sharma is ‘fake news’, end up proving themselves as rumour-mongers

A raft of liberals peddled fake news that AIMIM MP Imtiyaz Jaleel was misquoted by ANI in claiming he demanded Nupur Sharma be hanged.

West Bengal: BJP worker’s body found hanging from a tree in Birbhum, political situation tense as family, party alleges murder

Purna Chandra Laha, aged 40, was missing from his home since Monday. He was an active BJP supporter in the village.

Taliban hangs man accused of kidnapping in full public glare, meant to be a lesson for others

Earlier, Taliban founder Mullah Nooruddin Turabi announced that they will carry out execution and amputation for crimes.

Indore: 15-year-old girl ends her life after being told that those who die on Muharram go to heaven

A 15-year-old girl in Indore committed suicide after asking her mother whether one attains martyrdom and heaven after dying on Muharram

West Bengal: BJP worker found hanging from a tree in Cooch Behar, party blames TMC of political vengeance

BJP worker Anil Barman found hanging from a tree in Sitai in Adabari in the Cooch Behar district of West Bengal

West Bengal: Another BJP worker found hanging from a tree in the poll-bound constituency of Bardhaman, party alleges murder

The BJP has alleged that it was a pre-planned murder and that the victim's body had been hung after the victim was killed.

Shabnam – The first woman to be hanged after India’s independence: Why she and her lover Salim killed everyone in her family

Salim, who worked at a wood sawing unit outside Shabnam's home, came from a different socio-economic background than Shabnam and was a Class VI dropout.

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