Monday, September 25, 2023


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OpIndia Exclusive: Kishan attacked and abused for giving a lift to his neighbor Muslim girl in Ahmedabad, Akbar, Faizan, and Hussain arrested after video...

Victim Kishan said, "Someone from the crowd also snatched my mobile phone and stole it during the scuffle with me. They even threatened to kill me."

Uttar Pradesh: Hindu boy forcibly circumcised, converted, and held hostage by Muslim girlfriend’s family in Noida; complaint registered

A Muslim girl's Hindu boyfriend was circumcised by her family, forced to convert to Islam and was held captive.

Delhi: 19-year-old Delhi University student stabbed to death outside Aryabhatta College gate by fellow students

19-year-old student from Delhi University was brutally stabbed to death in the South Campus area of South West Delhi on Sunday

Vadodara: Family of Muslim girl create a ruckus at the marriage registrar’s office after she eloped with Hindu boy, sent to women’s home

When a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy arrived at marriage registrar's office in Vadodara, the girl's family created a ruckus preventing the marriage

Uttar Pradesh: Food delivery boy Sachin Kashyap shot by brothers Nadeem Khan and Naeem Khan for refusing to accept torn ₹200 note

Nadeem Khan gave a torn note of Rs 200 to delivery boy Sachin, when Sachin refused to accept it, he shot Sachin in the back

Islamists outrage after a Muslim girl marries a Hindu boy in a temple in Azamgarh; VHP assures security

Momin Khatun, a Muslim girl, said that it was her choice to marry Suraj and she wants to live her life happily with him.

Sheikh Sadiq, Syed Hafeez, Sirajuddin and others kill Shyam Rathod in Maharashtra over a petty dispute, 144 imposed: Details

Shyam's bike hit one of the accused. They got into argument after which the accused and his associated attacked him with swords.

Delhi: 17-year-old Alok found hanging, police calls it suicide, family says murder by Muslim girlfriend’s family

Alok's family says that they had searched the spot several times on the previous night but Alok's body was not there. They suggest that he must have been killed elsewhere and his body hanged at the spot to make it look like suicide.

Uttarakhand: Muslim woman takes up Hinduism and marries a Hindu man, court grants protection as couple fears threat from woman’s brother

The Muslim woman had approached the Uttarakhand HC saying that her brother might physically harm them for marrying out of faith

Bareilly: Father of a Muslim girl accuses Hindu boy of kidnapping his daughter, the girl tells court she married him on her own free...

Rejecting the allegation of her father, the Muslim girl said that she willingly married the Hindu boy, and she has attained the legal age of marriage

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