Thursday, June 20, 2024



Users claiming BJP association spread rumors by trending #GodhraAgain, Party must act against those

Twitter was flooded with #GodhraAgain hashtag, which had many misleading information and hateful tweets.

Spate of attacks on Temples. Are Hindus on a hitlist? Or just a Law & Order problem?

Thefts at Churches get a communal colour, but robberies at temples are plain "law and order problems" for the Indian media.

After vandals deface Hindu temple, some come out to support Hindus in US

Local US media reported that some people came out and put posters and cards in support of the Hindu community.

Hindus officially less than 80% of Indian population, or are they even less?

By some estimates, those who would like to identify themselves as Hindus could be as low as just 50% of the Indian population.

Internet Hindus come together to help Pakistani Hindus

A group of Internet Hindus decided to help a group of Pakistani Hindus who have been battling cold weather and cold attitude of Indian authorities in Delhi.

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