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Rajdeep Sardesai’s moral compass points away from communal riots in West Bengal

If you are on Twitter, you already know that Rajdeep Sardesai is a celebrity television journalist, an avid seller of his book on the 2014 elections, the husband of Sagarika Ghose, and the custodian of “moral compass”.

His moral compass is basically an outrage meter that points to the levels of outrage that one must indulge over any news, especially the ones dealing with Hindu-Muslim issues.

This compass mandates that you must outrage like hell and be ashamed as a society when a Muslim man is killed allegedly for eating beef, but should keep quiet and tweet a good night song when a Muslim woman, her unborn kid, and her husband are killed by her brothers, just because the woman had married a Hindu (two instances in two months).

This moral compass is like a totem in the movie Inception – you use it to know the truth (in Rajdeep Sardesai’s dreamworld). People who behave in accordance with this moral compass are secular compassionate humans while those straying away from it are communal bloodthirsty bigots.

These days, Rajdeep Sardesai finds such communal bloodthirsty bigots in anyone who brings up the issue of communal skirmishes in West Bengal, where Hindus are often at the receiving end.

According to various reports, the Islamists in the state have become emboldened due to appeasement policy of the ruling TMC led by Mamata Banejree, and thus they often violently show their might. There have been many cases, such as this one, which was blacked out by the media.

But while this could appear nightmare for those who are suffering, Rajdeep Sardesai’s dreamworld says that these incidents simply don’t exist. His totem – the moral compass – tells him that there is no need to outrage or feel ashamed.

A clip has now emerged on the social media where Rajdeep becomes aggressive and denies any atrocity being meted to Hindus in West Bengal when a caller asks him to report about the same:

Listen to the clip again – Rajdeep Sardesai is following his moral compass. He knows that there is documentary proof – he himself brings up Zee News reports that show violence by Islamists – but he discredits the proofs to push his own agenda.

So here is a celebrity journalist who has decided that there is nothing to outrage over what is happening in West Bengal. He will reject any proof as motivated and false. And he will term those questioning him as people who want riots:

With such a moral compass, which unfortunately is shared by most of the mighty and powerful in the mainstream media, can we ever hope to know the truth of what is happening in West Bengal? We shouldn’t be trusting WhatsApp messages claiming large scale death and destruction blindly, but what options are we left with if the mainstream media is blinded by this “moral compass”?

And Rajdeep Sardesai, if you are so confident that all is well, why don’t you go visit those areas yourself. After all you flew thousands of miles away to Montenegro to interview Lalit Modi. This time you won’t even need a visa, because West Bengal is not Bangladesh, yet.

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