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illegal weapons

Largest gold heist in Canada’s history: Air Canada employee Parmpal Sidhu, Amit Jalota and 7 others facing charges for stealing 6600 gold bars from...

Police issue nationwide warrants for three in connection to the robbery while six others were already arrested.

Gujarat: Illegal arms racket busted by police in Ahmedabad; Shahnawaz, Samir, Faran and three others arrested with cache of weapons

Ahmedabad Police busted an illegal weapons racket with the arrest of six persons.

Punjab Police bust illegal weapon manufacturing and smuggling module in Madhya Pradesh, two arrested

Punjab Police busted an inter-state illegal weapon smuggling and manufacturing module operating out of Madhya Pradesh.

Gujarat: Sabarkantha police arrest one Gafur Khan Pathan with illegal arms, runs a garage named ‘Mahalaxmi Auto Parts’

The special operations group (SOG) of the Sabarkantha Police in Gujarat arrested Gafur Khan Pathan, the manager of the 'Mahalaxmi Auto Parts' garage in Wadali, with illegal weapons

Bihar: Illegal arms factory busted near a police station in Purnia, 5 arrested

The police got the tip-off about the illegal arms factory in Purnia from three smugglers arrested by WB police a few days ago.

Amritpal Singh used drug rehab centres and gurdwara to store weapons and brainwashed youth to execute suicide attacks: Reports

Amritpal Singh has been brainwashing youths to become human bombs at the behest of ISI and Khalistan sympathisers residing overseas.

Maharashtra: Cops nab one Parvez Alam for illegally carrying 31 weapons

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Aniket Bharti informed that a probe has been initiated into the matter.

Prayagraj: Illegal weapons found in violence mastermind Javed Ahmed’s house before it was demolished

Pistols, cartridges and objectionable posters and documents were found in the house of Javen Ahmed

Uttar Pradesh: Illegal arms factory run near Idgah by father-son duo busted in Saharanpur, son Naeem absconding

An empty kiln near Idgah in village Ambehata Mohan, a factory was making illegal pistols.

Maharashtra: In the wee hours of the night, Islamists wave swords, bang at doors of locals for no apparent reason, five arrested for terrorizing...

The arrested accused roamed with swords, axes, and knives in their hands and they terrorized local residents of Dahisar Mori and Thakurpara villages in Thane.

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