Monday, March 1, 2021



Ex-Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim, who quit showbiz for Allah, asks fans to remove her pics

Zaira Wasim had earlier asked her fans to stop praising her as it is dangerous for her 'Iman'.

JeM terrorists apprehended in Delhi had connections with Deoband and Pakistani handlers; wanted to spread Islam

On Monday, the Delhi police had apprehended the two terrorists from Sarai Kale Khan area near Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border.

Actress Sana Khan who quit bollywood for Islam marries a Muslim cleric who was introduced to her by hatemonger Ajaz Khan

Sana Khan married the Muslim cleric in a small intimate ceremony in Surat. The newly married couple also cut a cake after the wedding.

Bengal: 14-year-old Hindu girl abducted, raped and forced to read nikahnama by Sohidul Rahman, rescued from Gujarat

A 14-year-old Hindu girl was kidnapped by a much older man named Sohidul Rehman and was taken to Rajkot where she was allegedly forced to read nikahnama and sexually exploited by the accused.

‘Killed because she refused to convert and marry him’: Posters outside Nikita Tomar’s house seek death penalty for her murderer Touseef

Nikita Tomar's family has stated that Touseef killed her because she refused to convert to Islam and marry him.

Tagore International School makes Hindu girls wear Hijab and spread message of Islam, after it had brainwashed children about Hadiya Love Jihad case

Tagore International School again finds itself in trouble after making Hindu girls wear the Hijab while Eid greetings.

Fact Check: Did France cancel travel visas of 183 Pakistani citizens after “Imran Khan’s criticism”

Netizens fell for the tweets, believing it to be a reactionary move by the French authorities against the high-handedness of the Pakistani State.

My daughter could have been saved if this step had been taken earlier’: Nikita Tomar’s father on Haryana CM’s announcement of law against ‘Love...

Nikita Tomar was shot dead in broad daylight near her college in Haryana's Ballabhgarh by Tousif and Rehan.

Which European country will become Muslim majority by which year? Here is what one research says

The growing Muslim population will enforce drastic changes in Europe, be it socially, politically and economically.

Chinese govt removes domes, minarets, Arabic text and all Islamic symbols from the largest mosque in Ningxia Hui region to ‘Sinicize’ it

The bright golden and green coloured mosque with domes and Islamic style windows have transformed into a grey rectangular structure

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