Friday, July 19, 2024


mental harassment

eBay employees harassed blogger couple by sending cockroaches, pig mask etc, put up their names on Craigslist as sex workers, company agrees to pay...

EBay has agreed to pay a $3 million criminal fine after employees harassed a blogger couple for their coverage of the company

‘Struggling to maintain mental balance’: Swara Bhasker consulting doctors due to ‘online trolling’, her new film had turned super flop

Actor Swara Bhasker said she is struggling to maintain her mental balance due to ‘online trolling’.

Uttarakhand: Parents sue son and daughter-in-law demanding grandchild within a year or Rs 5 crore in compensation

A Uttarakhand couple has sued their son and daughter-in-law seeking a grandchild in 1 year or Rs crore compensation

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