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CNG and PNG rates likely to fall as Modi government approves Kirit Parikh Committee’s recommendations on domestic natural gas prices

CNG and PNG prices are reviewed by the government each year. Nevertheless, there was no modification in gas prices on April 1, 2023, since the government was yet to make a decision about the Parikh Committee's recommendations.

Iran threatens to impose $18 billion penalty on Pakistan: Here is why

The Iran-Pakistan Pipeline Project, also known as Peace Project, had initially included India as well.

Russia’s Gazprom trolls Siemens Energy over ‘lonely’ turbine that has been the centre of conflict over Nordstream 1 supplies to Europe

A curious reality of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is that while Western powers provide billions in aid and weapons to Ukraine, they also keep paying billions to Russia for energy, thus funding both sides of a conflict.

Russian energy giant Gazprom halts supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, reports say EU trying to increase gas purchase in Roubles to help them

Russian media has reported that the European Union would be temporarily increasing its gas purchases from Russia through countries which are ready to do their payments in Russian Roubles to compensate for the demand of Poland and Bulgaria.

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