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‘Come after me, leave him alone’: Mosab Hassan Yousef on death threats by Islamists to Hindu student at NIT Srinagar for sharing his old video

Mosab Hassan Yousef slammed Islamists for harassing the Hindu student at NIT Srinagar over 'blasphemy' claims.

From introducing IPC 295a to Sharia in NIT Srinagar: Indicative list of how perennially outraged Islamists have their halal-certified cake and eat it too

With their innate ability to mobilise in large numbers in the name of religion, Islamists have been able to mould laws to their advantage.

Srinagar: Hindu student who was booked for ‘blasphemy’ for sharing an old video, and his Kashmiri Muslim friend receive death threats from Islamists

An FIR has been registered at the Nigeen Police Station against the Hindu student on Tuesday under sections 295A (outraging religious feelings),153A (promoting enmity) 153 (provocation) of the IPC.

HuffPost does it again: This time it’s an ABVP picture for a story on Rocky Yadav

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action

Give back our Tiranga and evacuate us from here: NIT Srinagar students tell the government

Scared students want to go home and come back to a campus that has been shifted to a safe city.

Social media protests over police action in NIT Srinagar campus

Students under attack for standing up to a group who was chanting anti-India slogans

Anti-India celebrations in NIT Srinagar after India lost to West Indies in the WC semis

Anti-India slogans were raised in NIT Srinagar after India lost to West Indies in the World Cup

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