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Nita Ambani

Self-described historian hopes ‘Titanic-style death’ on Ambanis: Meet Ruchika Sharma, known for spreading fake narratives to whitewash Islamic tyrants

Ruchika Sharma has been condemned on several occasions for spreading false information and then lying about it.

Nita Ambani’s emerald necklace and Sudha Murthy’s simple lifestyle: Left-liberals find reasons to hate both

The purpose of writing this article today is to highlight the obvious hypocrisies of these so-called liberals who wish to spread the myth that those who are wealthy are all entitled, arrogant, and oblivious to the struggles faced by common people.

Varun Dhawan slammed for lifting and kissing American model Gigi Hadid, Dhawan defends it, Gigi calls it her ‘Bollywood moment’

Varun Dhawan along with other Bollywood celebrities was performing at the newly inaugurated NAMCC in Mumbai. Many Hollywood celebrities were also in attendance.

‘It is our Dharma to help fellow Indians overcome the Covid crisis’: Nita Ambani at Reliance AGM

Speaking at the AGM, Nita Ambani stated that the Reliance Foundation has set up 116 vaccination centres across 109 cities in India and these platforms are being used for vaccination drives free of cost.

Former Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar shares Photoshopped image to attack PM Modi, actively tries to hide real pic

In fact, the image shared by Sircar has been in circulation since 2015 and has been made viral with claims that the lady in the image is Preeti Adani, wife of Gautam Adani.

Reports that Nita Ambani will be faculty at Banaras Hindu University are fake, Reliance clarifies

As reported by news agency ANI, the reports that Nita Ambani will be a visiting faculty at BHU are fake. She has not received any such invitation.

Nita Ambani to become a visiting faculty at the Banaras Hindu University: Reports

Nita Ambani has reportedly given her verbal acceptance to the proposal by the BHU of joining as a visiting faculty to help women from Purvanchal in improving their living standards

It is our duty, our dharma, our seva to the nation: Nita Ambani speaks about Reliance Foundation’s contribution to help tackle the COVID crisis

In her first ever Reliance AGM address, Nita Ambani spoke about the Reliance Foundation's contributions to the fight against COVID-19

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