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Zomato says that its newly launched ‘Pure Vegetarian’ fleet will continue to wear red instead of green, as previously announced: Here is their statement

Popular food delivery and restaurant aggregator company Zomato has decided that its newly introduced 'Pure Vegetarian' delivery fleet will continue to wear Zomato's trademark red instead of green as originally conceived by the delivery start-up. 

Lord Ram belonged to ‘Bahujans’, and he ate non-vegetarian food: NCP leader Jitendra Awhad tells in Shirdi

Kicking off a debate on the matter, Awhad asked, "Where would a person living in the forest for 14 years go to find vegetarian food? Is it correct or not (question to the public)? Tell me when I am telling the truth."

IIT-B professor equates vegetarians with “militants”, blames casteism for food choices of Hindus

In an opinion piece published in The Indian Express, Waghmare typically blamed the Hindu, more so the upper caste Hindu, for "militant vegetarianism" whose followers "seek to continually sustain the traditional ethics and aesthetics of segregation and hierarchy in food consumption"

‘Vivekananda ate fish, how can he be a divine person’: As ISKCON suspends monk Amogh Lila Das over controversial comments, read how Swami is...

ISKCON Monk Amogh Lila Das banned for one month for his derogatory remarks against Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Psychiatrist instigates netizens to share pictures of meat to offend Jains over PIL seeking a ban on ads on non-veg food

Soumitra Pathare was miffed with Jain Trusts for moving Bombay HC seeking a ban on ads for non-vegetarian food.

Prayagraj: Hassan and Faizan consume Hookah and non-veg food on boat in Ganga near Nagvasuki temple, police on the lookout after video goes viral

The Prayagraj police have sprung into action after a video went viral on social media wherein a group of men could be seen consuming hookah and non-vegetarian food on a boat in the river Ganga

Udaipur: Zakir Hussain, Nazim Shaikh and Shoaib caught cooking meat on the terrace of a Hanuman Mandir, arrested after devotees outrage

On May 5 Udaipur police arrested some Muslim youths after they were caught cooking meat on terrace of a Hanuman Mandir in Alipura

If you are a vegetarian or practising Hindu working with TheWire, they will find joy in desecrating your faith, just like Islamists

The confession of a The Wire intern that she has been using microwave ovens meant for vegetarians to heat meat reveals the malevolence harboured by liberals against vegetarians.

Hey Mahua Moitra, would you dare mention ‘Muslim boys secretly eating pork’ in your Lok Sabha speech?

Mahua Moitra recently made defamatory insinuations against Jains, alleging them of consuming non-veg food.

Rajkot: Man killed over non-veg food waste disposal, accused Aslam, Gulam and three others arrested

The decedent, Chagan Zapda, was killed after a brawl with the owners of a non-veg food joint over improper waste disposal

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