Saturday, November 26, 2022



Nidhi Razdan is schooled about ‘loan write off’ and the ‘recovery process’ with a simple example

The nuances have been explained with an easy to understand example

CBI to initiate probe against ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar’s husband

Reports allege a conflict of interest and nepotism

Congress official handle goofs up again, conducts a poll based on fake news

It appears that the Congress social media is not upto the mark with its facts before tweeting any content. 

RBI’s new rules on NPAs mean faster detection and better resolution

The new norms laid down by RBI are a testament to the relentless fight against NPAs which started 2-3 years ago

NPA crisis could be Congress led UPA’s biggest scam.

Reports suggest that the value of NPAs could be around Rs 8 lakh crores

I have to tell the entire nation about NPA mess our previous government created : PM Modi

Modi protected the people's trust by keeping quiet on Congress sins

Official Twitter handle of Congress blames Modi govt for mess created by UPA

The measures taken under the NDA have only improved the transparency and accountability in public sector banks.

FactCheck: Can Banks gobble up your deposits as per a new proposed ‘Bail-in’ Bill?

Some half-baked analysis is creating unnecessary panic

Bank Recapitalization – sorting the myths from the facts

Lot of pseudo-economics is being spread on social media

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