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Pakistan police

Pakistan: Islamabad police attempt to arrest Maulana Abdul Aziz, gets assaulted by burqa-clad female students of madarsa

Maulana Abdul Aziz, an Islamist leader in Pakistan, has consistently been promoting extremist ideologies and has faced numerous accusations related to terrorism.

Pakistani journalist’s son bludgeons his Canadian national wife to death with a dumbbell, Pakistanis seek #JusticeForSara: Details

As per reports, the accused was identified as Shahnawaz Amir. He is the son of renowned Pakistani journalist Ayaz Amir and his wife Sameena Shah.

Pakistan: SHO asks a male constable to wear hijab for mandatory photo of a female officer with female criminal in Gujrat, suspended

As per the Pakistan Police Act, if there is a woman among those apprehended, the presence of a lady constable is required in such images.

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