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‘If you have even a drop of Rajput blood within, show those documents’: Prince Yakub Habeebuddin Tucy challenges BJP MP Diya Kumari

Prince Yakub Habeebuddin Tucy said, "My message to the nation is the same as the message given by Modi Ji. Don't pay any attention to what these blabberers are saying."

Rajput organisation expresses anger after Rana Ayyub called ‘Maharana’ for supporting terror group in Yemen

Rajput organizations have become agitated after journalist Rana Ayyub was called 'Maharana' by her supporters

Suresh Raina ‘likes’ tweet that questioned hypocrisy of silence on casteist attacks against him and Ravindra Jadeja: Details

The tweet that Suresh Raina has 'liked' questioned the hypocritical silence on the casteist abuse received by Raina himself and Ravindra Jadeja.

Rajput women in Rajkot perform ‘Talwar Raas’, ‘liberals’ are triggered: Read about the tradition here

In ‘Talwar Raas’, Rajput women dress up in traditional colourful clothes and perform a traditional dance form using swords, displaying various skills.

Congress leader attacked in Bikaner by unknown assailants on a crowded road in Congress-ruled Rajasthan: Watch

Congress leader Megh Singh Bhati, president of Nokha (rural) unit of the Congress in Bikaner in Rajasthan. was assaulted by unknown people

The Battle of Haldighati: The valour of Maharana Pratap and the history of Raja Man Singh who fought against him

Man Singh secured the day at the Battle of Haldighati, a success for which he would be treated as a “traitor” by the coming generations.

Ravindra Jadeja shows how to bat against left-wing outrage mob, why others should follow

After Suresh Raina got attacked online for asserting his Brahmin identity, Ravindra Jadeja called himself a ‘proud Rajput boy’

‘Liberals’ and Islamists attack cricketer Ravindrasinh Jadeja, mock Rajput community after he shares a video of his swordsmanship

Islamists and liberals mocked Rajput community after Jadeja shared a video of himself displaying his swordsmanship.

Viral Video: Man confronts comedian for offensive jokes on Hinduism

The comedian could be seen apologizing profusely in the video for his offensive jokes against Hinduism. It has gone viral on social media and has garnered 108 thousand views thus far.

BJP and JD(U) leaders in Bihar seek reservation for the upper caste poor

Leaders belonging to the BJP, JD(U) and the LJP have made this demand

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