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Elon Musk takes a 9.2 per cent passive stake in Twitter days after questioning its commitment to free speech

Elon Musk had last week tweeted that he is giving "serious thought" to building a new social media platform

Let’s not get ‘Musked’: Elon Musk and Tesla’s self-serving game, how India may have seen through it and why we need to be careful

Elon Musk, in a tweet let it be known that Tesla’s India business is “still working through a lot of challenges with the government”.

While Punjab, Maharashtra, and Bengal leaders try to woo Elon Musk, here is their not-so-great history with industrialists

In July 2021, OpIndia had reported that Musk was seeking temporary relief in import tariffs. Indian government has been urging to manufacture cars in India and discourage imports by relatively high import duty to encourage the make-in-India initiative.

From mocking CNN to calling wokeness huge threat to modern civilisation: What Elon Musk told Babylon Bee

Besides CNN and wokeness, Musk spoke on over-taxation, Tesla stocks etc. during his interview with satire website Babylon Bee

Female employee at Tesla factory says women face ‘rampant sexual harassment’ at the workplace: Read details of her complaint

Employee working at Tesla Inc’s Fremont factory in California said that the female employees are subjected to continuous sexual harassment

After Elon Musk decides to sell 10% Tesla shares based on Twitter poll, this is his reply to US senator who objected to it

Musk's hilarious comment to US senator Ron Wyden has received over 12 thousand RTs and over 67 thousand likes.

Nitin Gadkari asks Tesla not to sell China manufactured cars in India, reveals his conversation with Elon Musk to set up manufacturing in India

Nitin Gadkari has said that he has told US-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla not to sell China-manufactured cars in India.

China: Apple and Tesla halt production amidst energy crisis. Here is what we know so far

Besides the new emission standards, the situation has been further aggravated due to coal supply shortage, and its high prices.

A book, an alleged feud between Tim Cook and Elon Musk at a time when Musk wanted Apple to acquire Tesla and denial of...

Based on a second-hand anecdote, Tim Higgins alleged that Elon Musk not only wanted to remain the CEO of Tesla after the acquisition but also of Apple.

Elon Musk seeks for temporary relief in import tariffs, says Tesla factory in India quite likely

Elon Musk had asked for temporary relief on import duties, stating that they are highest in the world for a big country.

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