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Was Akhlaq killed because the killers wanted him to convert to Hinduism? The incident is called communal because the killers belonged to one community and the victim to another.
In an interview, Arif Mohammad Khan has said that he is pleased that PM Narendra Modi could achieve what Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru dreamt of, with respect to the Triple Talaq Bill.
PM Modi stated that fishermen are benefiting from technology. The NAVIK technology developed by ISRO provides navigation and safety information to fishermen in their own language.
Crush the jaws of those who come and shout 'Modi, Modi': JDS MLA Shivaling Gowda said while addressing a public gathering
Narendra Modi condemned Mamata Banerjee for siding with those who looted crores and crores of rupees from the poor people over the Saradha Chit Fund Scam.
"History has repeated itself, neither as a satire nor as a tragedy," Union Minister Arun Jaitley on Congress' promise to scrap Triple Talaq Bill
A quick round up of things that made it to news today.
Congress promises to abolish Triple Talaq law at a party event attended by Congress President Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi has reinforced his misogynist thoughts when he made the statement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked a “woman” to defend him and he should 'be a man'
Owaisi asked the government to not 'interfere in Muslim Personal Law'
Prime Minister Modi in his interview with ANI touched upon a lot of subjects and cleared air surrounding lot of controversies about his government.
Some temples in India have their own customs and traditions: PM Modi on Sabarimala vs Triple Talaq issue
The Triple Talaq Bill will be tabled in the Rajya Sabha tomorrow.
The BJP has maintained a staunch stance on the issue that banning the practice through the Triple Talaq Bill will uplift Muslim women.
The woman had reportedly objected to the extramarital relationships of her husband and was in turn beaten and tortured.
Tharoor opposed the Bill alleging that it targets a particular religion.
Farooq Abdullah said that there was a need for women representation in the legislatures and demanded 50 per cent reservation for women in elected bodies.
The only thing that Barkha does get right in her video is the fact that Hindus are not hapless victims.
The Imam had married the victim woman last year and has now sent divorce notice after his brother allegedly raped her.
While the husband has been arrested, the mother is said to be absconding.
The aggrievd woman is thinking of taking Khula from the elderly man.
She has denied the allegations of the UP Police of plotting the acid attack.
The Supreme Court in its landmark judgement had declared the practice of 'Triple Talaq' as arbitrary and unconstitutional.
Cabinet approved of an ordinance which makes triple talaq or talaq-e-biddat “void and illegal.”
Firstpost deleted the post with the image, but this is not the first time the image had people confused.
The PM of India should totally be answerable for seating arrangements in religious events and viewing angles chosen by photographers, because, why not?
Many Muslim women, though subjected to various threats are mustering up the courage to raise their voices against these practices
The health of the victim is said to be critical.
The Supreme Court has ruled that Islamic practices like Triple Talaq and Nikah Halala are unconstitutional.

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