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triple talaq

Muslim women need not register for divorce obtained under Muslim Personal Law: Kerala HC

The Kerala HC noted if the divorce is acquired under Muslim personal law, a Muslim woman does not need to go to court to record talaq.

UP: Abdul Rasheed gives triple talaq to wife after she turns down his demand of paying Rs 40 lakhs for donating kidney to her...

A man gave triple talaq to his wife over WhatsApp call after she donated her kidney to her brother few months back.

Haryana: Muslim woman gets triple talaq from husband, brother-in-law rapes her in name of ‘Halala’, mother-in-law says justified in religion

When the victim narrated the ordeal to her mother-in-law, she rationalised the act of rape by claiming that Halala is permissible in Islam.

Uttar Pradesh: Muslim woman adopts Sanatan Dharma to escape triple talaq, nikah halala in Bareilly, family was forcing her into marriage

Bareilly teacher Neha Asmat converted to Hinduism and became Neha Singh to escape triple talaq and nikah halala.

UP: Woman to sit in protest after husband gave her triple talaq over phone from Bengaluru; accuses in-laws of harassment over dowry

A woman in Uttar Pradesh filed a case against her husband accusing him of giving her triple talaq over phone.

Moradabad: Man gives triple talaq to wife after dowry harassment, hands over her to brother and brother-in-law saying he will get Halala done

UP: Woman in Moradabad forced to have sex with husband's brother and brother-in-law, given triple talaq after dowry harassment

Man gives triple talaq to wife over phone from Saudi Arabia for not receiving cash and gold chain in dowry

A man gave triple talaq to wife over phone from Saudi Arabia for not receiving cash and gold chain in dowry.

UP: Muslim man Aamir Ali files an application to become a Hindu in Moradabad, his wife claims he is doing drama to marry his...

Aamir Ali in Moradabad submitted an application to the District Magistrate (DM) for conversion to Hinduism, his wife alleges it is drama to marry Hindu woman

Ilyas gives ‘triple talaq’ to wife, forces her into ‘Nikah-Halala’ with brother-in-law Rafiq, then abandons her

Nikah-Halala according to Islamic customs, is a practice where the divorced wife has to temporarily marry another person, consummate the marriage and get talaq again.

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