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Some people have found ways to oppose even this bill
Important women centric bills are expected to be introduced in the Parliament in this winter session.
This comes at a time when politicians are bickering over the Triple Talaq bill
Salman Khurshid puts forward one of the most ridiculous and regressive argument defending Triple Talaq
WCD Ministry called the article 'deliberately mischievous and factually misleading"
This bill is expected to be tabled in the winter session of the parliament
Such incidents haven't stopped after the Supreme Court judgement
No, feeble or otherwise, is an absolute no. Consent is non-negotiable.
The police haven't yet received instructions about how to deal with the matter
She had made the painting following the SC verdict on instant triple talaq.
Triple Talaq petitioner Ishrat Jahan continues facing social and mental harassment.
Mamata Banerjee continues maintaining silence on triple talaq verdict.
Triple talaq petitioner gets threats, seeks protection from state.
A brief look at the history of the case, and the major arguments made in the Supreme Court by both sides.
Ishrat Jahan, one of the five petitioners in triple talaq verdict, faces hostility back home in West Bengal.
The leader is a minister in Mamata government and President of state unit of Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind
Who is responsible for turning Indian secularism into such a joke over 70 years? Time to introspect.
One of the clerics claimed that normally women are responsible for the talaq
She petitioned the Supreme Court regarding the matter
The real issue of a woman having a say or right in the whole process of divorce is still to be addressed.
Twitterati slam attempts to drag Hinduism after triple talaq verdict
This was his shortest Independence Day speech among the four he has delivered.
Muslim clerics from the Darul Uloom Deoband Islamic school aren't happy about this decision
Divorced woman says that the man is a habitual offender who makes women marry him after accepting Islam.
There are inconsistencies in media reports about the welcome incident that reportedly happened in Uttar Pradesh.
Kapil Sibal is representing the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and in the Supreme Court.
What actually prompted the constitution of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board
In another case, a man gave triple talaq to three different wives. Both cases are from Uttar Pradesh.

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