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Earlier Kapil Sibal too had dragged Hindu faith to justify barbaric practices of the minority community
She is one of the petitioners in the case being heard by the Supreme Court
The Islamic fundamentalists are not willing to let go any control they exert on their orthodox society
He has stated Triple talaq is kept as an option so that a man does not have to murder his wife
Only with a stricter implementation of laws can the atrocities against women under the guise of shariat could stop
When I write this letter to you, my primary intention is to make clear, my justified discontent with your lack of clarity
Following the violence, he was taken into custody by the police.
They wouldn't mind the country burning to get power back
The victim was given triple talaq by her husband over phone
Muslim women came together to put up a fight against atrocities carried out under guise of polygamy
Says Narendra Modi supported the cause and hence they got justice.
While this move was welcomed by the majority, our women politicians chose to maintain silence on this issue
He had earlier given her triple talaq after which the wife filed a case
It is indeed refreshing to see much needed economic and social reforms that will go a long way in improving the life of every Indian.
This party will coincide with the one hosted by Rahul Gandhi
In her earlier articles, she appears confused between her atheism and her affection with her surname
Tahir has urged his fellow Muslims not to block the reform
Sita Ram Goel in his chapter 'Residuerem of Macaulay' provides a brilliant and comprehensive analysis of Indian secular-liberals
The cartoon suggested that it were mostly conservative Muslim men who wanted triple talaq retained.
The TV show takes a leaf from the recent Supreme Court verdict on Triple Talaq
Wide gap in scrutiny and criticism of patriarchy, harassment and anti-women practices in the 'secular -liberal' constituency is a matter of great concern to a neutral bystander in the debate.
The Narendra Modi led NDA government has surpassed the UPA by miles in these areas
This comes ahead of the Parliament session where the Triple Talaq bill may be tabled
The husband also claimed PM Modi and CM Yogi won't be able to do anything to him
Women above 45 years of age can travel without a male guardian
She had allegedly faced social boycott and ridicule for her stand on triple talaq.
The incident has come to light from Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh
It is sad to see self proclaimed feminists trying to deny justice to Muslim women
Javed Akhtar displayed his hypocrisy even as he tried to 'call out' others' hypocrisy.
The liberated women are coming

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