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Oh, the secular rush to prove that Hindus are behind every crime!

While police was investigating the Bangalore blast on Sunday that killed a woman, some tweets were sent out by a Twitter account @LatestAbdul threatening of more blasts if pro-ISIS Indian Mehdi Biswas was not released.

Now it has come to light that the tweets were sent by a “Hindu” boy who assumed the Muslim username. Apparently the boy is a minor, and most probably mentally deranged, which is why the police has not disclosed his identity.

However, it appears that the police revealed to the media that the boy was a “Hindu”.

Couldn’t the police just have said that the tweets were not sent by a Muslim man and it was a case of impersonation? Why was the need to disclose the religion of the boy, who could as well be deranged, as per the police themselves?

And even if it was revealed by the police, Couldn’t the media have avoided naming religion of the boy. Just tell that the tweets were not sent by a Muslim man and it was a case of impersonation.

It was done so, because it was a “secular” thing to do so.

Because it helps in conspiracy theories that Muslims can never do anything wrong. It is always Hindus who carry out such false-flag operations and blame the Muslims.

Remember, people like Congress leader Digvijay Singh and Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had released a book that claimed that Mumbai terror attacks were carried out by RSS. Such conspiracy theories are hugely popular among domestic Muslim circles.

An extension of such theories is used in Pakistan, where everything is blamed on India. The latest being the claim that Peshawar school attack was a false-flag operation by India i.e. Hindu groups dressed as Talibani terrorists killed Pakistani children!

While the Indian media is not yet “secular” enough to endorse the Pakistani conspiracy theories, they are always obliging to help in spreading domestic conspiracy theories, such as 26/11 being a RSS conspiracy.

To give credence to crazy conspiracy theories that Digvijay Singh and Mahesh Bhatt endorse, one needs “proof”, and thus it was important to highlight that a Hindu boy carried out a false-flag operation on Twitter.

And that is why this information was “leaked” by the police and the media put it prominently in their reports. would like to make it clear that we are not suspecting what the Bangalore police is saying. It could indeed be a false-flag operation by a Hindu boy, whether mentally deranged or sound. But it doesn’t prove anything bigger, as some on Twitter would like everyone to believe.

However, the secular army on Twitter is all out to prove that after this incident, there is no doubt that every crime attributed to Muslim groups is committed by some Hindu.

This is a regular phenomenon now. We saw it earlier this year when a Muslim youth was killed in a hate attack in Pune. A Hindu boy was wrongly blamed for another incident then. Please read this report from those days to understand the case.

To sum it up: A Hindu youth was attacked by Muslim groups in Pune. His injured photo was then circulated on WhatsApp, and it was claimed that he was a Muslim guy who had put offensive pictures of Shivaji on Facebook. The boy clarified that he was Hindu and not a Muslim, and he never put up any pictures on Facebook.

But look what the secular army on Twitter did. They spun this incident of WhatsApp hoax to mean that the Hindu boy, who was himself a victim, had undertook a Muslim name and put morphed pictures of Shivaji to create communal tensions. A victim was made criminal by these people because it suited their political and ideological agenda.

Among those who peddled such lies was a blogger called Farzana Versey, one of the vocal apologists for Islamic fundamentalism. See how she blames the poor Hindu boy of committing the false-flag operation, without conclusive proof. And when pointed out in the article that she might be defaming the boy, she refused to correct herself or update her blog.

It appears that these conspiracy theorists are fan of false-flag operations. Maybe because they themselves indulge in false-flag operations to defame their opponents.

After all such an incident was caught red handed by blogger Akhilesh Mishra. Congress supporters, who happened to be Muslims, had made fake accounts in Hindu names and were abusing others. See the tweet below and click the link contained in the tweet:

Yes, the latest incident in Bangalore indeed appears to be a false-flag operation. At best, it is the case of pot calling the kettle black when it comes to false-flag operations.

And wait seculars, please don’t use this Twitter false-flag operation to prove that the Bangalore blast itself was a false-flag operation by some Hindu group. Or have you already done that? We will not be surprised!

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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