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Sri Lanka's Deputy Defence Minister has said in the parliament that the suicide bombing was a retaliation to the Christchurch attack in New Zealand last month
Yesterday was a day of pure terror. The death toll in Sri Lanka continued to mount throughout the day.
Altnews cofounder seems to have graduated from sharing fake news himself to shielding radical Islamists
A video went viral recently where Rajdeep Sardesai was heard calling Parliament Attack a 'good day' and he faced severe backlash for it
Sardesai says how the exclusive story of parliament attack made the team forget the wine and kababs they were planning to picnic on.
The attack on Pathankot airbase was preceded by arrests of suspicious people accused of trespassing sensitive locations.
The prime accused, Ajmeri Abdul Rashid was caught in 2017 from the Ahmedabad airport.
The Communist Party of India has carried out 295 terrorist attacks in 2017 alone, earning it a rank higher than Boko Haram in the Global Terror Database.
He came in contact with a terrorist called Osama and then joined the Pakistan-based terror outfit- Hizbul Mujahideen in 2017
The irony of all this is that Tablighi Jamaat promotes segregation and believes that women should stay at home
Tensions have been simmering between the two countries
The footage contains a time-stamp that leaves no doubt that the Surgical Strike, denied by Pakistan and the opposition actually took place.
While the police are still verifying the authenticity of the letter, security has been reportedly intensified in the state
There is a special rush among secular-liberal crowd to claim that Hindus indulge in false-flag operations to blame Muslims.

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