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Three types of haters who hate cows and cow lovers

An instance of depravity of the left “liberal” cabal started to reveal itself to me on July 3rd 2017. It’s 29th September, and the mockery of my faith hasn’t stopped.

It was on 3rd July that I visited my hometown to participate in the griha pravesh ceremony of our new home. With great enthusiasm, I clicked pictures of the ceremony and posted on Twitter. Weaved in a thread, I put up, what I thought was an informative part of the ceremony.

As a part of the ceremony, with great affection, Gaumata along with her calf were the first to enter the home followed by good books, pots of milk, curd, ghee, water, and then some clothes; in that order. While the rest of the puja was being done, in liberal parlance I “dared to post pictures of cows and calves”. And thus, the saga of love and hate, of praise and derision, of deliberate attempts to mock my faith, of vulgarity and bigotry commenced.

While a section of people, mostly the “Right Wing” so to speak, and dharmics as I would call us, expressed their love and appreciation for the pictures, the left “liberal” cabal started trying to use those pictures to hurt. Strangely, this dose of hatred was conspicuously missing when I put pictures with my dog.

I write this article to express my disgust at the left “liberal” modus operandi and double standards.

There is something about cows that Islamists and left “liberals”, who are quite similar in their approach to the Hindu faith, hate. Cows are hated by Evangelists too and beef is fed upon conversion. There are obvious expansionist plans that call for such a strategy.

But why would an Indian, born and brought up in Indian culture mock me for posting pictures with my pet cows, was the obvious question that is puzzling. Specially, when it is these very people who preach the ethics of animal rights, religious tolerance and freedom of faith pretending them to be their original ideas.

A few samples:

Screenshot of the Hinuphobic and hateful tweetScreenshot of the hateful and Hinduphobic tweet - 2Screenshot of the hateful and Hinduphobic tweet - 3Screenshot of the hateful and Hinduphobic tweet - 4Screenshot of the hateful and Hinduphobic tweet - 5

For a moment, let us keep faith aside. If one looks at this episode purely from the lens of what the cabal preaches about animal rights, their hypocrisy is clear. They hold up posters during Diwali, urging Hindus to refrain from bursting crackers because animals get scared, and yet, the thought of a woman posting a picture with a cow, inspired ire.

I wonder then if their animal rights concerns are just tools with which they can hound the Hindu faith? I wonder if it is really the cow, or that my picture represented Hindu piety, that inspired their hate?

If one is born and brought up in Indian culture, however non-religious, atheist or non-conventional one is, there are very less chances that he or she has no love or respect for animals. Compassion and divinity in all things and beings comes naturally to Bharatiya folks. Birds, animals, reptiles all allowed to flourish. What is the cause then that some Indians despite having grown up drinking milk of the same cows show disgust even at the thought of others loving them?

Not just disgust, they up the attack a little and throw steak photos at those posing with their pets:

Hinduphobia and hate on Twitter - 1Hinduphobia and hate on Twitter - 2

They may defend their disdain by saying “cow is just another animal that we mock”. I am sure that for them cow is NOT just another animal because I have never been recipient of their anger when I posted pictures with my other pets, especially my dog. My pictures with my cow particularly caused extreme pain and anguish to folks such as these and that pain makes them spit bile, steak pics, slaughter jokes and cow hate posts.

There can be three possible explanations to their actions:

1. They are expansionist radical Islamists or Evangelists who see the love that Hindus have for cows as resistance to their plan of shaming Hindus of their roots. The mere sight of pious Hindus taking pride in their culture and rituals is looked upon almost as an act of ‘insubordination’. And once the threat is perceived, they proceed to mock the Hindu faith and spread lies.

Hinduphobic Islamist on Twitter - 1Hinduphobic Islamist on Twitter - 1

2. There are also namesake ‘atheists’ and ‘rationalists’ who, in their twisted crusade, are trying to help Hindus get “rid of shackles of seeing divinity in animals”. I say namesake because in my experience, these rationalists are anything but rational, and Atheists who are only meant to be devoid of faith in the existence of god, take it upon themselves to single out and project hate at the only religion that respects atheists are much as theists.

Their shenanigans are of course falling on deaf ears as Hindus continue to look for divinity in all beings, including the cow. Perhaps, this ‘crusade’ is because their campaign to deride the Hindu faith and strip Hindus of their rituals is not reaping results.

Low IQ Hindubphone on Twitter - 1Low IQ Hindubphone on Twitter - 2Low IQ Hindubphone on Twitter - 3

3. There were also some well-meaning folks ashamed of countable violence that happened due to cow vigilantes. And here is where I hold the motivated media responsible which ran an entire malign campaign against gau-rakshaks and completely ignored the violence perpetrated by cow smugglers.

They believe this one-sided skewed narrative and are completely clueless about smuggling rackets and related uncounted gau-rakshak deaths. They are forced to feel so ashamed that they mock cow pictures because:

(a) Narrative about Hindus being violent to protect their property, pets and friends makes them feel inferior, and

(b) they are ashamed of Gau bhakti because media outlets have shamed them of Hindu roots of cow protection. They have internalized the shame that almost every media outlet has peddled overtly and covertly.

Media spreading Hinduphobia -1 Media spreading Hinduphobia -2Media spreading Hinduphobia -3Media spreading Hinduphobia -4

I personally have no sympathy for any of these three varieties.

Radical Islamists and evangelists are contemptible in their hatred for an animal for their expansionism and hatred for the Hindu faith. The self-styled rationalists and atheists are forcing an ill-conceived philosophy on masses that would never work in long term. Faith in divinity of all beings is good for humanity as compared to no faith because latter will eventually lead to disrespect for everything. The third variety of cow haters only get my pity.

I can deal with the  contempt that flew my way. But as a  Hindu, I feel distraught at the amount of abuse the innocent animal has to endure. It is also painful, that it is not only these elements who have indulged in this debauchery, but also political parties that think of these elements as a vote bank.

I don’t expect the left “liberals” to worship or even grant basic dignity to Gaumata, but I wish they could at the least not poke fun at our emotions for our family including our pets. Family is the unit we cherish. Cow is like family to us. Even those who cant afford to really tend to the animal, show reverence because a cow only gives and helps them raise a healthy family.

Nothing positive really comes out of this blind hate. And considering Hindus have endured far worse, our faith is not about to be shaken. What it does, is expose the Left’s double standards and viciousness. Their utter disregard to the very values they pretend to espouse.

There are seven mothers any Hindu respects naturally, perhaps sub-consciously – own mother, Guru mata, Brāhmaṇi, Queen, Gau mata, Nurse and mother Earth. Love for cow isn’t something vulgar or bizarre. It’s basic sanskaar to respect the ones who give us life, nurture us, give us life lessons, protect us, look after us, treat us when we are sick and provide us everything to sustain our lives. It’s a mark of respect to not defile when you can respectfully take from them what is only absolutely needed and nothing more. These values might be extremely complex for some, considering there is nothing sacred that they wouldn’t deride, but I sure hope this is read by these very elements with an open mind.

It’s common sense to be respectful to beings beneficial to us. That’s symbiosis. The whataboutery is needless. The position of cow as a revered being stands independent. And try as they may, our faith shall survive and there is nothing they can do about it.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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