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Hadiya’s father’s fate awaits all Hindus if they don’t wake up to cultural challenges

A great many Hindus put their hopes on Prime Minister Modi to end the institutional discrimination against them. However, despite Narendra Modi's resolute adherence to secularism, he has been branded a fascist by the intellectual elite.

As we have reported before, the father of Akhila, the girl who converted to Islam and married Shafin Jehan, recently joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. KM Ashokan, an ex-serviceman, raised some very pertinent issues.

Ashokan said, “I was a Communist Party follower since my childhood. But of late the party is playing dirty vote-bank politics eyeing minority votes. I failed to understand if somebody talks about Hindus he turns communal in no time.”

Like Ashokan, many in recent years have realized the duplicity of the mainstream narrative. Until recently, they had watched silently as their festivals were demonized and their traditions banned. They had observed with stoic silence when the atrocities of cow smugglers were ignored by elites while vigilantism which arose as a reaction to cattle smuggling was used to demonize the entire Hindu community. Anguished, they witnessed the rampant minority appeasement that dominates Indian politics and suffered the consequences of it. And then, the mainstream narrative sought to brand them, bigots, when their daughters and sisters were brainwashed and often kidnapped and raped and converted to Islam by goons.

All of their concerns have been ignored by the mainstream narrative thus far. They were branded communal and evil because they sought to highlight the rampant abuse of their basic human rights. Now, they are disillusioned by the political establishment and powers that be. Like Ashokan, who gave up on communist after the political party ignored his plight, there are countless others who have put their faith on the one party that is alleged to have the concerns of Hindus as their primary interest.

There was, and there is still, a very easy way to deal with this issue. The mainstream narrative needs to address these issues effectively. Love Jihad is real. It is happening in the United Kingdoms, in Pakistan, all over Western Europe and in India obviously. Liberals can choose to ignore this but they so ad their own peril. The mainstream narrative needs to acknowledge its existence and urge governments to deal with this menace effectively. Otherwise, it could spark a reaction that could be very unpleasant.

The mainstream narrative completely ignores the menace of cattle smugglers. The cow is sacred to Hindus. When there exists an organized mafia that steals cows and the representatives of state administration, whether due to their personal vested interests or utter lack of ability to counter it, refuses to deal with it, then vigilantism becomes inevitable. Vigilantism is a consequence of the inability and unwillingness of the state enforce its own laws. Instead of urging state governments to enforce a harsh crackdown on cattle smuggling, the intellectual elite demonizes an entire group of people who are very likely victims themselves. The consequences of such liberal fundamentalism will not be pretty.

The demographic threat that Hindus currently face has been branded a conspiracy theory by the mainstream narrative despite all the evidence that proves it to be true. Liberals continue to bat for Rohingya refugees despite knowing Indian history and the animosity that Rohingyans are known to harbour against Hindus.

The mainstream narrative has continuously ignored the various entities who have decided to wage war against Hindu Dharma. Even recently, the mainstream narrative has completely ignored the fact that the attack on Akshaya Patra, a Hindu organization that feeds hundreds and thousands of children, was driven by NGOs that receive funds from Christian organizations abroad and organizations that have intimate links to ‘Urban Naxals’.

The intellectual elite has resorted to fueling the caste divisions within the Hindu community.  They have been constantly peddling an anti-Brahmin narrative and blaming the community for all of India’s problems. They have also been peddling propaganda against Brahmins that closely resembles the anti-semitic propaganda during the Nazi regime. The consequence of such hate-mongering will be terrible. And liberals may not like the taste of the delicacy they are busy preparing.

A great many Hindus put their hopes on Prime Minister Modi to end the institutional discrimination against them. However, despite Narendra Modi’s resolute adherence to secularism, he has been branded a fascist by the intellectual elite. Many Hindus are looking up towards Narendra Modi for justice, if he fails, they will turn to someone even more extreme in the eyes of liberals.

The Congress party has realized this fact and are looking to appease the Hindu angst by embracing ‘soft Hindutva’. However, if the people discover that their intentions are not sincere, then they will embrace almost anyone who promises them justice. And that someone is pretty much guaranteed to be not as mild as Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi.

The denial of the mainstream narrative of Hindu concerns will spiral the country into a hub of communal politics. And if the political dispensation fails to address the concerns of the Hindu community, then the consequences will be extremely severe. It has the potential of unleashing chaos in this country the likes of which we have never seen. Therefore, it is essential that these are addressed.

The political parties must address these issues if they are to contain the chaos of communal politics. However, vote-bank politics work wonder in democracies, therefore, it is not in the interest of any political party to work towards something that has the potential of denting their vote-bank. But, if India has to avert a catastrophe in the near future, then it’s essential that the Indian political class starts addressing these issues honestly.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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