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PV Dinesh is the founder and Chief-Mentor at Live Law, the news portal for legal journalism. He has previously filed another contentious petition regarding Sabarimala
The denial of the mainstream narrative of Hindu concerns will spiral the country into a hub of communal politics.
He said that he was a communist since childhood but of late the party is playing dirty vote-bank politics eyeing minority votes.
Rekha Sharma said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was like "an ostrich who is keeping his head buried in the sand."
Harrison, a Christian, married Shahana recently, and they have alleged harassment
PFI claims it paid 94 lakhs to lawyers, spent 5 lakhs on travel
The organisation is under the radar of NIA for its suspicious activities
Nassim Nicholas Taleb's latest book 'Skin In The Game' warns about a phenomenon we're seeing in India.
Whom does a person marry is indeed a question of free will, but this is not about freedom to choose a partner.

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