Congress’ Shashi Tharoor caught lying on cow-related violence in an interview with Swati Chaturvedi

Shashi Tharoor claims that 97% of all cow-related violence in Independent India took place since 2014. He credits Rajnath Singh's Home Ministry to be the source of this information. He is lying on both the aspects.

‘Paradoxical intellectual’ Congress leader Shashi Tharoor who has major comprehension issues, began his new year giving an exclusive interview to a troll, Swati Chaturvedi for a publication called ‘gulfnews’. Apart from referring to Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s 57-day mysterious holiday in 2015 as ‘vipassana’ course, Tharoor was caught blatantly lying about cow-related violence in India.

Shashi Tharoor on cow-related crimes

Shashi Tharoor claims that 97% of all cow-related violence in Independent India took place since 2014. He credits Rajnath Singh’s Home Ministry to be the source of this information.

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He is lying on both the aspects. We had demolished the ‘97% of cow-related violence in India taking place after 2014’ claim back in July 2017. The claim was actually based on media reports which had credited IndiaSpend, the faulty data website which relies on fake data and biased reportage to spread anti-Hindu propaganda.

The ‘97%’ dubious data on crime was compiled not by looking at police records, but by running Google searches with certain keywords! Worse, they had decided to stick to English language media only, taking pride in saying that a “cursory search” through Hindi media “appeared” to throw up the same incidents.

The mainstream media, at a furious pace, fanned up this piece of fake news and it was soon reported in international publications including BBC and New York Times. We had also systematically demolished IndiaSpend’s fake report on lack of cow-related crimes prior to 2014 elections.

Tharoor’s second claim that this information is provided by Rajnath Singh’s Ministry of Home Affairs is also wrong. In fact, the very report of IndiaSpend which made this bizarre, factually incorrect claim, mentions how National Crime Records Bureau by the Home Ministry does not collect cow-related crime records.

So, not only did a Congress leader (other than Congress President Rahul Gandhi) lie, but the interviewer, the delusional, abusive troll Swati Chaturvedi, did not correct him either.

This is not the first time either Shashi Tharoor or Swati Chaturvedi have lied. In his attempt to shield Rahul Gandhi, Tharoor had lied and goofed up about French President’s interview. He had also shared a fake news from an Islamist website to attack Modi government. He had also lied about Indian government blocking Internet archive website.

Plagiarism accused Swati Chaturvedi, on her part regularly indulges in spreading fake news.

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