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If ‘Jai Shree Ram’ is a murder cry, dear BBC, what would you call ‘Allah Hu Akbar’

The problem isn't that the mainstream media is allying with Muslims, the problem is they are allying with the most toxic elements of Islamic society.

The Western Establishment, which BBC is a part of, loves Islam. They make very little effort to pretend otherwise. The ordinary citizen and the wayward politician might disagree but the establishment has an unholy fascination with Islam. When I say Western Establishment, I am, of course, referring to the alliance between the Global Tech Companies, multinational corporations, liberal politicians and the mainstream media.

The manner in which the mainstream media works overtime to shield Islam and Muslims from any criticism whatsoever is a dead giveaway. Consider, for example, Western media’s treatment of Hinduism in comparison with its coverage of Islamic terrorism. The BBC recently published an article where it called ‘Jai Shri Ram’ a murder cry.

BBC article

It is important to remember that Europe was ravaged by a wave of Islamic terrorism only a couple of years ago. The sword of Jihad looms large over their neck all the time. There have been numerous occasions when Jihadis have gone on a stabbing spree, killing and maiming people on the streets at will. Sometimes, they drove a truck over innocent people. On other occasions, there were mass shootings. But there was one thing that was common in all these attacks.

In every single act of such terror, the perpetrators yelled a slogan that has become the hallmark of modern terrorism. Before they committed mass murder, every single one of them screamed ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’, making it clear where their loyalties lie. Despite that, the BBC, or any other propaganda wing of the Western Establishment, has never associated that particular slogan with terrorism. And yet, the same media labels ‘Jai Shri Ram’ a murder cry.

It has become obvious in recent times that the Globalist establishment is in alliance with Radical Islam and the mainstream media is its propaganda wing. When the USA destabilized the entire Middle East, leading to the rise of ISIS, the mainstream media drummed up the delirium for war. When Barack Obama armed Radical Islamic terrorist outfits to overthrow Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the mainstream media maintained a stoic silence over it. In fact, they continued cheering for War.

When Islamic migrants rampaged through the streets of Europe sexually assaulting women, the mainstream media put in a lot of effort to suppress the matter. While Muslim grooming gangs were exploiting little girls sexually all over the West, subjecting them to inhuman torture, the media buried the matter for decades until they could no longer afford to.

The problem isn’t that the mainstream media is allying with Muslims, the problem is they are allying with the most toxic elements of Islamic society. When ex-Muslims like Ayaan Hirsi Ali expose the intolerance and cruelty that is integral to many Muslim countries around the world, the media brands them Islamophobes. When ordinary citizens give voice to their concerns regarding Islamic intolerance, the media brands them racist. It is the predominant theme in the conduct of the mainstream media over the years.

Instead, the mainstream media slanders the Hindu faith. They are aware that there will be no consequences for their bigotry. Hindus are peaceful people, by and large. The media pretends that it still has a moral spine left by kicking people who are not interested in a fight. They haven’t reported that doctors and the Police suspect that lynching was not the cause of Tabrez Ansari’s death, however, and it’s unlikely they will. Because reporting facts is not the primary objective of the mainstream media, creating narratives is.

Ever since Narendra Modi came to power, the BBC has been involved in a series of hit jobs against the government. Not too long ago, the BBC published research on Fake News that claimed Nationalism was the driving force behind the phenomenon. Ironically, the research itself was classic evidence of Fake News.

That the BBC calls ‘Jai Shri Ram’ a murder cry is not unexpected from an organization that is an ally of Radical Islam. It is only expected that such people would develop a rash on their skin when they hear chants praising Rama. If only they cared more about the little girls in their own country than what happens in India, perhaps those children wouldn’t have to suffer hell on Earth itself.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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