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Meet the suspended Jamia professor: Believes Islam is the solution to Global Warming and Democracy and eager for the establishment of Islamic Caliphate

Given the fact that Ahmad is a professor at a University that has been at the heart of the violent protests against the CAA and the communal riots in Delhi that the violent protests led to, we decided to investigate his ideology and worldview further.

Dr. Abrar Ahmad, a professor at Jamia Milia University, had claimed on social media on Wednesday that he had failed 15 non-Muslim students for supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act. Ahmad had later claimed that his tweet was a ‘parody’. Following OpIndia’s report on the same, he was suspended by the authorities the same day for the “serious misconduct inciting communal disharmony”. Given the fact that Ahmad is a professor at a University that has been at the heart of the violent protests against the CAA and the communal riots in Delhi that the violent protests led to, we decided to investigate his ideology and worldview further.

We came across Ahmad’s blog which describes itself as “Presenting Islam as solution to ailing earth, crying humanity, sobbing ecology and crumbling capitalist world order”. On the 23rd of December 2019, a post was published with the title “CAA & NRC: India’s Islamophobia and Way Forward”. The post says, “Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) amends the Citizenship Act, 1955, and for the first time, will grant citizenship on the basis of religion to non-Muslim communities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, who entered India on or before December 31, 2014. This act in standalone seems to be non Muslim issue, but in combination with National Register of Citizenship (NRC) it becomes an existential crisis for Muslims in India.”

Unsurprisingly, the post includes a tirade against Brahmins and claims that Hindu Rashtra is a Brahminical conspiracy. It states, “Regarding Hindu Rashtra (Brahmanism dominance) agenda, one may say that it is actually dream of Hindu Rashtra at the core, but one need to understand that when truth is too radical it is packaged otherwise. Although Hinduism has been pitched as synonymous to Sanatan Dharma; but this Dharma gives a hierarchical supremacy of Brahmins in the Varna System.” “The politicians and think tanks mostly dominated by Brahmins have been fancying about bringing their glorious past and have managed to sustain undercurrent dominance under Muslims and Britishers are now finding it most suitable time for its resurgence. The biggest road blocks to this dream are Muslims,” it adds. Ahmad also states that “Their hatred with Dalits and SC ST are more severe than Muslim, they may marry their daughters or eat in same plate with Muslims but not Dalits.”

Source: Abrar Ahmad’s blog

Ahmad also has a message for the Indian ‘rightwing’ in the post. Ahmad falsely claims that the word ‘Hindu’ was given by Muslim invaders and that it was them who gave Hindus ‘freedom’. According to him, it was the Muslim invaders who united the diverse Indian subcontinent into one ‘Hindustan’. He warns Hindus, “Now in the current debate of kicking Muslims out of India, it is preposterous. You are not dealing with Rakhine state (Rohingya) or Uighar; you are dealing with decedents of Babar (as you always mention derogatory forgetting who Babar was), Souris, Lodi’s, and those who have given you best in the world forts, minaret’s, mausoleums, architecture, technology; one of the best humanistic culture, manner and zeitgeist; exquisite cuisines; melodious vocabulary of Arabic-Persian-Urdu.” The suspended Jamia professor also says, “Worst way you may engage with Muslims must be in the sense of gratefulness. But if you think you can wipe Muslims out, you are grossly mistaken.”

Source: Abrar Ahmad’s blog

Ahmad also has a message for the Ummah. He says that ‘it is important to note’ that there are stark parallels between today’s day and age and the age of Muhammad the prophet. He says, “It is equally important to note that the present world order in this village is similar to situation of village in Makkah when prophet (saw) was explaining Islam to the polytheist and they created exactly same Islamophobia. So we see parallels of abusing Islamic values as Prophet and Quran (Cartoon publication and releasing movies like Fitna and innocence of Muslims). We witness similar to what was harassment, lynching, forced migration of Sahaba r.a. (Hate crimes, lynching, migrations such as Syria, Rohingya, Palestine and Uyghur). The situation of this Makkah 2.0 is almost same is terms of how women are being treated in terms of infanticide, foeticide, molestation, prostitution and so on; the economic situation to enslave people by interest is exactly same as was in days of ignorance.”

Ahmad further tells his readers that “most of the your so called leaders are not independent to express what is in their heart”. He also says that Muslims should not eye positions of leadership as it is not encouraged in Islam. He notes, “Those born around 80s have seen both thriving secular and hostile Islamophobic ecology; but those born after 2000 have seen dying secularism and raging Islamophobia and we can see a clear difference between these two generations; while former is more of compromising and hypocritical later is more unison about its orientation viz: Islam or Kufr. So O youth, you are precious pearls, invest more in your Islamic personality and seek more form the leader of Ummah (Prophet saw) and Insha Allah your conviction in Islam will bring the long awaited happiness of Ummah.”

Source: Abrar Ahmad’s blog

In another post in June 2019, Abrar Ahmad claims, again falsely, that Islam was the first religion on Earth and that the history of religion is the history of Islam. According to him, Lord Manu himself, who gave Hindus the Manusmriti, was a prophet of Islam. He says, “Old Testament revealed in Hebrew language and New Testament revealed in Eremite language, fundamentally asks their follower to submit to one Allah (swt). Hindu scriptures ‘Veda’ according to some scholars has fair chance to be divine book revealed in Sanskrit to most probably prophet Nuh (A) or Maha-Nuh or in short ‘Manu’ (Allah knows best), offers to worship one shapeless Allah (swt) exactly in line with any divine religion.”

According to Ahmad, “Paramatma of Hindus, Jehovah of Jews, Ila’h of Christians, and Allah (swt) of Muslims are all the same reference to one shapeless Allah (swt)”. He further states, “Except Islam, the name of all the religions is either based on region (Hinduism – people beyond river Sindh), Judaism – tribe of Judah) or language or the name of the prophets (Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, Zoroasterism). If name of these religions would have been in terms of teaching, they would surely mean ‘religion of submission and peace’ or in Arabic ‘Islam’.”

Source: Abrar Ahmad’s blog

Abrar Ahmad is also not very fond of Capitalism, or Communism for that matter, and blames the secular world order for a great many evils. He says in a post published in October 2019, “Capitalism, Communism and Islam are only three ideologies that claim to solve the issues of the world comprehensively. While first two are man-made, Islam happens to be God sent. While communism collapsed in 1990, Capitalism is gradually collapsing on every front. Apart from material progress, capitalism has failed to sustain environment, ecology and earth; failed to provide basic necessity, equality, security, and prosperity for humanity; it has failed human values, morals, and spiritual contentment; it has failed solve problems of individual, family, society, economy, and humanity. Therefore Islam is not just the solution but only solution. Islam doesn’t deserve hate, but appreciation as it is panacea of all human problems. Islam indeed is the Solution.”

Abrar Ahmad is not too fond of Democracy either which he calls “rule of the 1% by the 1% for the 1% in the name of 99%.” “So elections in democracy are smokescreens to allow illusion of societal participation to cover reality that power is exercised by unelected elite,” he adds. He states further, “To keep the power within their own party electioneering can go to any level be it polarization, riot, genocide, lynching, and staged attacks. Since judges are ultimately human with whims and prejudices, delaying justice has become standard way to disburden judiciary. Education system is teaching paradoxical concepts such as promoting nationalism and abolishing racism; encouraging sex education and discouraging rape; teaching materialism and expecting morality. Never wonder if your son comes out as atheist or gay and your daughter runs away in this education system.”

Source: Abrar Ahmad’s blog

The solution, of course, is Islam. Ahmad says, “Islamic political system or Khilafah deems politics as taking care of the affairs of people and not ‘career’ as viewed in present system. So politicians do not work for aristocrats, or elites. Since rule of Islam is relevant for all time and clime, it does not change as per whims and biasness of individuals. There are no 5 year elections as the khaleefah is appointed for lifetime eradicating scourge of electioneering.” “Khilafah (Islamic Caliphate) and Democracy are like Human and Robot, while former are God made, later are manmade. For 13 centuries until 1924 this system has pioneered in the world and now it’s time to comeback,” he adds.

In another post published in October 2019, Ahmad implies that we are living in the age of ‘Makkah 2.0’. He says, “We may recognize it or not, we may like it or not, we may own it or not; but Ummah of Prophet Mohammad (saw) for last few decades is sailing same path and facing similar events as was faced by Sahaba (r.a) during struggle in Makkah.” He claims that ” we witness parallels of burying of girl child (foeticide), similar enslavement by loans (banks), same profanity in society; a similar call of Islam taken up by Ummah to revive the deen and similar Islamophobia in response; same abuse to prophet (saw) and Quran (cartoons and fitna movie), same torture (lynching), boycott of Muslims, forced migrations just for being a Muslim in Makkah 2.0 as was in Makkah.”

Drawing further parallels between the two ages, the suspended professor writes, “The political system of Makkah was tribal conglomeration. Internal elections within tribes were selected on the basis of popularity and/or dominance that in turn would represent his tribe in the parliament of Makkah known as Darun-Nadwa. Today again in Makkah 2.0 different nations may have kingship, autocracy, or democracy in their country but the head of the tribe would represented in United Nation – The Global Darun-Nadwa. They are the guardians of current world order where God has been sidelined and even the Muslim countries are not allowed to be ruled by Islamic teachings (except for name sake).” Ahmad also noted that “the scourge of gayism, lesbianism, and open LGBT were at least not reported during Makkah 1.0.”

Source: Abrar Ahmad’s blog

Ahmad states, “As far 360 gods in Kabah, we have now gods in form of thoughts like secularism and nationalism. These gods are not small gods but are revered to such extent that one can take life and give life for the sake of these tribal chauvinism and fanaticism.” He observed that in Makkah 2.0 “slandering of prophet (saw) started as terrorists, sketching of cartoons etc. (I seek forgiveness of Allah), slandering of Quran as book fitna (we seek forgiveness of Allah), and an atmosphere has been created very much same as Makkah well known as ‘Islamophobia’ and they fought war on Islam in the guise of war on terror.”

The post ends with the hope that a global Islamic caliphate will be established across the world. Ahmed wrote, “Rasulullah saw faced all such issues unless the nusrah (material help) came from Madina and thus Islam was established as political power which in next 10 years made the whole Arabians peninsular into Islamic land. Insha Allah Makkah 2.0 would be no different we just need to keep doing what Rasulullah saw did in Makkah and nusrah will come when Islamic political authority will be re-established. This will start uniting physically fragmented Ummah into one Ummah and take the message of Islam to the rest of the world Insha Allah. This comparison has also brought us to pin point the solution for present problems i.e. becoming ambassador of Islam as Mus’ab bin Umair in non Muslims world and try to establish the deen of Islam in Muslim world.”

Apart from such deluded proclamations, Abrar Ahmad has also engaged in other ramblings. In one post from September 2019, he declared that “Islam is the only ‘GREEN’ For Global Warming and Climate Change”. He claims, “Islam is solution for all our problems including the environmental issues such as Global Warming and Climate change.” The previous month, he had said, “Capitalism has given up on GLOBAL WARMING but Islamic teachings can make the world GREENER”. Elsewhere, the suspended professor declares, “The complete demography of Europe has changed because of conversion to Islam and immigration so much so that 100s of churches have been transformed into mosques.”

Abrah Ahmad also believes that the Quran is more updated than Science. In a post in July 2019, he says, “The problem with science is: it always confines itself to the ‘What, Why, and How’ of the phenomenon. If it broadens its horizon to the ‘Who’ of the things, without any exception, it would lead itself to Allah (swt).” “The scientific evidences of the Qur’an clearly prove its Divine Origin. No human could have produced a book, fourteen hundred years ago, that would contain profound scientific facts to be discovered by humankind centuries later. The Qur’an, however, is not a book of Science but a book of ‘Signs’. These signs invite Man to realize the purpose of his existence on earth, and to live in harmony with Nature,” he adds. In the same post, Abrar Ahmad also declares, “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution that has been conclusively proved false in the wake of latest scientific developments, especially in the field of genetics and fossils records.”

In a post published in May 2019 titled ‘WHAT MUSLIMS CAN DO FOR ISLAM IN INDIA’, Abrar Ahmad claims that “Indian Muslims have largely forgotten it or have considered it impractical due to the fog and smoke of secularism and eastern culture.” He also states, “Muslims from last 100 years (since fall of ottomans and evolution of nation states based on Sykes Picot agreement) have been subjected to living in a secular, liberal, democratic, capitalist, nationalistic, non Islamic atmosphere thus they have developed a mixture of understanding where they think SURVIVAL is the biggest objective of life.”

Abrar Ahmad tells his fellow Indian Muslims, “We, Muslims of India must exhort ourselves to that pristine and pure attitude that was taken by prophet Nuh (a.s.), Ibraheem (a.s.), and prophet Mohammad (saw). We must present Islam to India in a fashion prophets (a.s.) did. They did not make Islam equivalent to pagan religions as we have done today (for the sake of secular values), but they confidently and humbly presented Islam as a solution for their problems, they suggested a way forward to come out of darkness they lived in, to the light and vastness of Islam.”

The suspended professor states, “We should view ourselves as doctors and should not care what patient call us due to fear of sourness of medicine or injection. Survival should never be a question in our mind, because our sustenance and death is already written and we can’t die before our death (time). So Instead of bothering about our survival we must think about bringing people from darkness to light as MUSA (A.S.) did and prophet (saw) did. We must make sure the real master i.e Allah (swt) is not unhappy as it doesn’t matter if whole world is happy if Allah is not. So let’s give our examination well in the examination hall (world), in classroom (India) because our home in not India or world but Jannah Insha Allah.”

Apart from such ramblings, Abrar Ahmad declares the ICC World Cup to be an ‘organized distraction’. He also heaped praises on the Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim for quitting Bollywood for the sake of Islam. Another post on his blog states, “The West needs to realize that the Khilafah is an intrinsic part of Islam which instead of condemning they need to understand and will have to engage with in future when it is re-established.” From the numerous posts on his blog, it is evident that Abrar Ahmad is a typical Islamist who is salivating at the prospects of the reestablishment of an Islamic Caliphate. Under such circumstances, his defense that his tweet saying he failed 15 non-Muslim students for supporting the CAA was a parody becomes greatly untenable.

Furthermore, Abrar Ahmad has locked his account of Twitter but his blog is more than evidence enough of his Islamist leanings. He believes that Islamic diktats are the solution to Global Warming and the inherent contradictions within the system of democracy. He holds great grudge against Capitalism which he believes is the cause of much strife today. Furthermore, Abrar Ahmad believes that the Quran is more updated than Science and is firmly of the belief that we are living in the age of ‘Makkah 2.0’ and the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate is imminent.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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