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Pro Congress, AAP troll Mona Ambegaonkar charts the guidelines for a liberal democracy: “Jail all Sanghis”

Mona Ambegaonkar was responding to another permanent member of this leftist cartel, Meghnad, a columnist with the left-leaning website Newslaundry.

Full-time troll of the Congress and Aam Aadmi Party and part-time actor Mona Ambegaonkar has taken to Twitter to outline her to-do list if she gets the chance to become the next Prime Minister of India, an extremely far-fetched delusion on the face of it.

Mona Ambegaonkar, who likes to be recognised as an actor, says that the first thing she would do is “kick out every single fellow from every position of power who may have Sanghi Afflictions”. Such deep-rooted is her hate, that Mona says she would ban the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and jail all the Sanghis (a word the ‘liberals’ use to describe anyone supportive of the BJP) if given a chance to become the next PM.

The wishes of Mona Ambegaonkar

Mona Ambegaonkar was responding to another permanent member of the leftist cartel, Meghnad, a columnist with left-leaning website Newslaundry, who took to Twitter on the occasion of PM Narendra Modi’s birthday to ask: “If you become the Prime Minister of India, what is the first thing you’ll do?”.

This is an undisputed fact, that the one thing that binds these so-called leftist ‘liberals’ together is their hate for Modi and for anyone and everyone who supports Modi. And since the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or RSS, is close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and holds influence on national policy, the organisation and people associated with it are also the targets.

This is probably the reason the Congress and AAP sympathiser Mona Ambegaonkar had ardently joined her leftist gang to spread fake news that Kangana Ranaut will campaign for BJP in Bihar elections. It so happens that Kangana supports Prime Minister Modi and quite vocally. Earlier too, both these permanent member of this leftist cartel- Mona and Meghnad had joined the brigade to endorse propagandist Kunal Kamra’s unruly behaviour toward Arnab Goswami on Indigo flights.

Mona Ambegaonkar has only revealed what most liberals already harbour in their hearts. No less than then Congress president Rahul Gandhi had hinted at a possible crackdown on the RSS should the party come to power following the General Elections of 2019. He had compared the RSS to the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist outfit, which had been subjected to a brutal government crackdown as well.

All of this goes on to show that liberals have no compunction in cracking down on those they perceive to be a threat to their reign power. They first launch a campaign of slander and when a suitable opportunity arises after the ground has been laid, a harsh crackdown on political opponents ensues. Indira Gandhi did the same during the Emergency. Therefore, the threat of a brutal crackdown on the RSS and ‘Sanghis’ will perennially remain an enduring possibility should liberals ever manage to capture power.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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