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Calling India’s Prime Minister ‘Hitler’ wins you accolades, calling a CM’s son ‘penguin’ gets you jailed. Welcome to India 2020

Not that people made memes of his pictures and got arrested and the Supreme Court had to intervene to bail the culprit for having a sense of humour, right?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often been called a ‘fascist’. And rightly so.

Where India’s major opposition party, with an entire ecosystem of ‘intellectuals’, academicians, media personalities and propagandists masquerading as journalists can call Modi ‘Hitler’ repeatedly and are alive to tell the tale is a clear indication that PM Modi exhibits the same very traits as Adolf Hitler.

I mean, even Pakistan, which regularly toes Congress’ line in attacking PM Modi compared him to Hitler.

It has been more than a year since above tweet and the only thing that invaded Pakistan since then has been the Chinese virus.

Speaking of Pakistan, remember how Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s confidante Sam Pitroda had not only shielded Pakistan during the Balakot air strikes but also compared PM Modi to Hitler. He not only undermined the Indian Armed Forces but also sided with biased narrative of foreign media on the air strikes. But no one bats an eye when senior and influential Congress leaders refer to the PM as ‘Hitler’

And then if private citizens like filmmakers can share fake videos to insinuate PM Modi was inspired by German dictator Hitler, and get away with it, Modi indeed must be a fascist. But then Modi let it pass. Anurag Kashyap continues to be hailed as a liberal who speaks truth to the power (so what if the ‘truth’ is a fake video). When someone with a sense of humour made a meme of Chief Minister of a state, she was slapped with non-bailable charges. What did ‘Hitler’ do? Well, last year in December, PM Modi encouraged netizens to make memes on him viewing the solar eclipse. Fascist, fascist Modi.

Media personalities in India have not tried to keep their hatred for PM Modi a secret. In fact, many have shown excitement at the idea of PM Modi catching deadly diseases also have had death wished upon him. Some have called for PM Modi’s assassination too. And while not a single one of them had to go to jail, news channel owners were arrested and jailed for exposing corruption. When the channel exposed that many of clubs which had allegedly received grants from the government actually did not exist, several FIRs were filed against them. No one is calling out the state government’s use of force against these journalists.

Too bad Modi is stifling the freedom of press and freedom of speech. Shame on ‘Hitler’.

And it is not just “Hitler” that is used as an insult to PM Modi. In 2017, the then BJP President Amit Shah listed out various insults used for PM Modi.

After Uri surgical strike, PM Modi was accused of doing ‘khoon ki dalali’ by Rahul Gandhi. But guess who is in jail for calling a chief minister’s son, who is also an MLA, because only other place other than Bollywood where nepotism shines is politics, as ‘penguin’? A social media user, a private individual just like you and me. But, who is a fascist? Yes, Narendra Modi, obviously.

And baby penguin is not even an insult mostly because penguins are cute.

It is, however, ironical, that the man who brought penguins to a zoo in Mumbai, where the weather is not quite suitable for the flightless birds, is an environment minister in the state. But then stranger things have happened.

This is India in 2020.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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