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Islamism apologist profiled by Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint pushes anti-Semitic content, spreads disinformation claiming human rights violations by Israel in Palestine

In his show on Youtube, citing dubious sources, Werleman made several claims saying that Israeli security forces and Jewish settlers sexually and physically abuse Palestinian children.

CJ Werleman, a far-left troll who was profiled by Shekhar Gupta’s The Print who is branded as a journalist, has been called out for his rampant anti-semitic contents on social media platforms after he pushed disinformation against Israel by claiming that the country was perpetrating human rights violations against the Palestinian population.

Habitual fake-news peddler CJ Werleman, who is notoriously known for peddling rabid Islamist propaganda on social media platforms, took to Twitter on Wednesday to claim that 40 per cent of Palestinian children in Israeli custody were raped and almost 100 per cent of them were tortured by the Israelis.

In his show on Youtube, citing dubious sources, Werleman made several claims saying that Israeli security forces and Jewish settlers sexually and physically abuse Palestinian children. More than 600 children were sexually harassed by Israeli forces inside Palestine, claimed Werleman as he propagated anti-Semitic views in his show.

Terming Israel as a totalitarian state, the far-left troll claimed that at least 45 Palestinian children are harassed every month in detention centres by Israel Defence Forces. Spewing venom against the Jewish population, the Print columnist said that the Israel Defence Forces often kidnapped Muslim kids from Palestine and raped them in those detention centres.

However, CJ Werleman did not provide any credible sources to substantiate his claims but went on to make more anti-semitic comments on his show.

Social media users call out CJ Werleman’s Anti-semitism

The false propaganda against Israel peddled by Werleman has invited massive criticism from the Israeli population, who not only debunked his lies but also called out his hatred for the Jewish population.

Popular social media account The Mossad: The Social Media Account, the parody Twitter account of Mossad, which goes by the handle @TheMossadIL, called out CJ Werleman for his propaganda against Israel and termed his claims as blatantly ‘anti-semitic’.

Attacking Werleman, the social media account said that every pogrom, including the Holocaust and every antisemitic massacre, was started with a lie just like this one that one CJ Werleman was spreading against Israel, particularly Israel. The account also asked social media users to feel free to explain how his claims were not antisemitic hate speech.

Netizens countered CJ Werleman with facts to prove that it was terrorists in Palestine and Palestinian government that has inflicted atrocities on its own population and not Israel.

Another user discredited the views by highlighting how Palestinian terrorists uses children to unleash terror on Israel.

In fact, it is not unsurprising to see the amount of hatred the likes of that CJ Werleman spew against countries and culture that stands against the Islamic conquest.

Werleman called out for his anti-India propaganda

A few days back, CJ Werleman took to Twitter to further his anti-India hate. However, his anti-India propaganda was slammed by former India former speedster Venkatesh Prasad, who lashed out at a journalist for using cricket to spread his communal agenda.

On Sunday, Werleman on Twitter backed New Zealand for the upcoming ICC World Test Championship, however, he came up with a communal remark in order to justify his comment. In his tweet, Werleman said that he was rooting for New Zealand to win the ICC Test Championship scheduled to be held in Southampton, the United Kingdom, from June 18 because it would make him miserable to imagine 500 million Hindutva extremists being happy even for a second.

Essentially, Werleman admitted the truth that only ‘Hindutva extremists’ in the country would celebrate India’s win. However, his attempts to communalise the sports to further his anti-India hatred met with severe criticism.

Former Indian speedster and bowling coach Venkatesh Prasad lashed out at the journalist and called his thinking miserable. Slamming the far-left troll Werleman, Venkatesh Prasad said that it does not matter who won the ICC WTC Final but uttering such words showcases the ‘low and miserable’ life of the man.

Ventakesh Prasad also slammed Indian publications such as The Print for allowing such kinds of people to use their platform.

This is not the first time that CJ Werleman has been called out for his anti-Hindu comments. In December 2019, Uttar Pradesh Police had called out the Hinduphobic propaganda of the Print columnist after he peddled lies about police brutalities against citizens who “peacefully protested” against Citizenship Amendment Act.

Note: Earlier this article identified CJ Werleman as columnist with ThePrint. However, it turns out, he was only ‘profiled’ by Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint and has not written any article for them. We have updated the copy. Error is regretted.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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