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Munawar Faruqui show cancelled: Hindus burnt alive by a murderous mob only because of their faith is genocide denial, not a joke

None of these 'liberals' will make fun of the Holocaust. And rightly so. Crimes against humanity are no joke. Genocide denial is not comedy. So why is a joke on burning alive of Hindus in a train 'creative freedom'?

‘Comedian’ Munawar Faruqui on Sunday lamented that ‘hate’ has won and an artist has lost after his scheduled show in Bengaluru got cancelled. The stand-up ‘comic’, who was earlier this year jailed for his allegedly derogatory remarks against Hindu deities, took to Twitter to hint that this may be the end of his ‘comedy’ career.

“Nafrat jeet hai, artist haar gaya. I’m done! Goodbye! INJUSTICE,” said Munawar Faruqui, along with issuing a statement in which he alleged unfair treatment meted out on him after his show in Bengaluru got cancelled. 

Faruqui, in a statement, said that his show in Bengaluru was cancelled after having sold over 600 tickets over allegations of threats of violence. He claimed it was unfair that he was put in jail for a joke he did not crack and that his show was cancelled when there was nothing problematic in it. He added that in past two months, 12 of his shows were cancelled due to threats to venue and audience. 

He then said that this is perhaps the end and thanked his audience and his goodbye. 

Munawar Faruqui had mocked the Hindu victims of Godhra train burning incident

It is worth noting that Munawar Faruqui drew the ire of the public for his abject mockery of Hindu victims of the Godhra train burning incident, a tragedy in which 59 people were burnt alive when Sabarmati Express carrying karsevaks from Ayodhya, was set on fire allegedly by a Muslim mob near Godhra station. In one of his stand-up gigs from the year 2020, Faruqui was seen downplaying the Godhra tragedy and ridiculing the victims. 

“I was watching The Burning Train on TV. My father came and told me not to watch such nonsense and turned off the channel. I was like, ‘why so?’ He was like this is the video of Godhra kaand. And this is a news channel. I thought it is a movie directed by Amit Shah, produced by RSS… I don’t know…,” he says. Munawar Faruqui then refers to the news about 2002 Godhra carnage as ‘cartoon’.

He also joked that in Godhra kaand, Hindus were burnt alive, “But aren’t they burnt after dying?” he had joked. The 59 karsevaks were burnt alive by a murderous mob because of their religious faith. And that they were returning from Ayodhya after offering seva at Ram Mandir.

Hindus were aghast, and rightly so, for the shameful trivialisation of an incident as grave and tragic as the Godhra train burning incident, which led to the death of innocent people, including women and infants. It showed that Munawar not only felt any compunction in hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus but was also essentially enjoying making fun of a genocide. 

On top of this, Munawar was unapologetic about the jokes he cracked on the Hindu victims of the Godhra train burning incident. In his interview with ‘journalist’ Barkha Dutt, Munawar had said that he was not sorry for the remarks he made on the Godhra train burning tragedy, adding that he did not think he had committed any mistake. 

In addition to this, the outrage against Munawar is also powered by his unsavoury remarks against Hindu deities. Faruqui, in one of his stand-up performance, used lyrics of a popular Bollywood score to mock Lord Rama over his 14 years of exile, and portrayed Sita as an insecure wife suspicious of her husband Lord Rama’s loyalty towards her. 

It is because of his jokes ridiculing the Godhra train burning tragedy and mocking Lord Rama that Hindus are railing against the said comedian. Munawar was also arrested in January 2021 for allegedly passing indecent remarks against Hindu dieties during his stand-up shows. Though he was released later, his unrepentant remarks on a Hindu genocide and his distasteful remarks on Hindu Gods have fuelled protests against his shows. 

Liberals come out in support of the Munawar Faruqui after his shows get cancelled in Bengaluru

Notably, Munawar should have been condemned and admonished by the ‘secular’ quarters for his bigotry and hurting the sentiments of the Hindus, but instead, many journalists, politicians, Islamists and others expressed their support in solidarity with the ‘comedian’ after he took to Twitter and declare that ‘hate’ has won and an artist has lost. 

“This is deplorable. Stifling freedom of expression takes many forms but threatening a stand-up comedian’s venue is petty and shameful,” said Shashi Tharoor, a Congress MP from Thiruvananthpuram. 

Source: Twitter

Journalists, propagandists and Islamists too, extended their support to the controversial comedian after he posted a tweet hinting at leaving comedy altogether. While Munawar refused to apologise for mocking deaths of Godhra train burning incident, some were sorry for him because his shows were getting cancelled for hurting religious sentiments.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Munawar Faruqui show cancelled
Source: Twitter

The duplicity of liberals in vilifying Hindus while shielding Islamists

Apparently, Munawar had no qualms in trivialising a tragedy where Hindus were wantonly set on fire but when people raised objection to his brand of comedy, he suddenly feigned victimhood and branded opposition to it as ‘hate’. Hindus and those who protested against Munawar’s shows were implicitly branded as ‘hate-mongers’ for simply opposing a comedian who dehumanised Hindu victims of a tragedy and was blatantly unapologetic about it. 

However, Hindus who talk about partition horrors, threats posed by Islamic terrorism are summarily characterised as bigots and Islamophobic. Even though their aim is to create awareness of the past atrocities inflicted on them and the threats that future holds, the left-leaning liberals waste no time in vilifying Hindus and accuse them of being anti-Muslims. But when ‘comedians’ mock the horrifying tragedy of Godhra train burning incident, where 59 Hindus were killed for being Hindus, none of the liberals and the members of left intelligentsia feel the need to call out the depravity. Instead, they extend their support to such comedians by citing the hackneyed tropes of “artistic freedom”, freedom of expression” and “creative liberty”.

Imagine the outrage by leftists and their foot-soldiers if the religious identities were reversed. What if a comedian had mocked those killed in the Bhagalpur riots or perhaps in the riots that erupted in the aftermath of the Godhra train burning incident? It takes little effort to guess that such a scenario would have prompted the liberals to fall over themselves and call for the ‘cancellation’ of the comedian, besides unleashing vicious attack against him for trivialising the deaths of victims of a tragedy. The reversal of religious identities would have made them realised how Munawar’s deplorable jokes mocking people on their death was in bad taste and deserved to be called out. 

The abject dehumanisation of Hindus by the left-leaning liberals

However, since those died in the Godhra train burning incident were Hindus, liberals were not struck with any realisation as to how pathetic and offensive Munawar’s jokes were for the majority community. The fact that one needs to flip religious identities to prove how the joke made by Munawar was sick and objectionable is a scathing indictment of the kind of society liberals have created and fostered. The liberal discourse has plummeted to such low levels that in order to sensitise people for Hindus, one has to reverse religious identities. 

None of these ‘liberals’ will make fun of the Holocaust. And rightly so. Crimes against humanity are no joke. Genocide denial is not comedy. So why is a joke on burning alive of Hindus in a train ‘creative freedom’? That one has to give an example and replace Hindus with people of other religion to show the gravity of situation and how deplorable the ‘joke’, for which Faruqui and his buddies are not apologetic for, shows how the rot in ‘liberal’ world runs so deep.

It also shows that dehumanising Hindus has become par for the course for the comedians, who feel emboldened by the support they receive from the bigoted left. They can continue to mock Hindus, ridicule their beliefs, make insulting remarks against their Gods and triviliase genocidal deaths and when they are called out for their bigotry, they lean on the Left to amplify their feigned victimhood. 

Contrastingly, when Hindus calls for something as genuine as solemn introspection of hateful texts of other religions, it elicits violent protests, including calls for ‘sar tan se juda’ or decapitation by a section of the country, with the liberals turning a blind eye to such wild reactions and blaming Hindus for the “unwarranted provocation”. Every Hindu who asserts his identity or raises pertinent questions on the bigotry unleashed against them is regarded as a ‘Sanghi’ and therefore considered as a fairgame for being subjected to dehumanisation, ridicule and mockery. This is the great bane that the liberals have bequeathed the Indian society, where Hindus who stand up against the trivialisation of a genocide against them are denigrated as ‘bigots’ and ‘hateful’.  

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