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From Muskan in Karnataka to Aina Khan in the UK, women in hijab can ‘bravely’ stand up to ‘Hindutva’ because they know Hindus do no harm

Aina Khan can happily blame the victims of violence as aggressors, can spread misinformation about them because she knows that the Hindus do not kill, the chants of 'Jai Shri Ram' won't be followed by suicide vests blowing up.

It is shockingly counterintuitive to say the least when some Muslim women in otherwise secular countries say the hijab is a choice when there are countless Muslim women in Islamic countries who choose not to wear the hijab are being killed. A piece of clothing is not a choice if not wearing it or wearing it ‘inappropriately’ as per moral police (mostly men), can get you killed. This is when it is not even an essential religious practice.

When school-going girl Muskan Khan decided to ‘defy’ the ‘Hindu goons’ on her way to school to wear a hijab (not a part of the school uniform), she was hailed as a ‘brave girl’ by none other than the then terror organisation Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri. In the video titled “The Noble Woman of India”, which carried an infographic depicting Muskan Zainab Khan, Zawahiri recited and dedicated a poem he had composed to praise Khan. Nothing like an endorsement of bravery than a dreaded terrorist reciting poems for you, eh?

Islamists have often hailed her on social media as well for shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ at Hindu students (referred to as ‘Hindutva goons’ by apologists of Islamists). The jihadi terrorist had said he learned about Muskan Khan from videos and social media. Referring to Muskan Khan as ‘sister’, the Al-Qaeda chief had said he was moved by her act, especially the raising of “cries of Takbeer”. Impressed by her chanting provocative Islamic slogans, Ayman al-Zawahiri said he decided to write a poem.

Not just that, he also attempted to incite Indian Muslims saying they needed to react to the “oppression” carried out against them by the Indian state. Zawahiri also attacked countries that have banned the hijab, along with Pakistan and Bangladesh, whom he accused of being “allies of the West”.

That was Zawahiri’s first video in five months. Clearly, even terror chiefs couldn’t resist praising a hijabi girl ‘standing up’ to idol worshippers. Idolatry in Islam is the biggest sin. Zawahiri was blasted to death by US drones in Afghanistan in August this year.

But you know what happened to ‘Hindutva goon’ who said the girls shouldn’t wear the symbol of oppression to schools where a hijab is clearly not a part of the uniform? A Bajrang Dal activist, Harsha, was murdered by Islamists in Shivamogga in February this year for demanding a uniform dress code in educational institutes. After his death, global Islamists and their apologists dehumanised him and also spread falsehoods regarding him to justify his murder.

Known Islamist CJ Werleman had spread falsehood on Harsha’s murder

Many even celebrated his death.

Hatred on Harsha’s murder

Isn’t it shocking that the ‘Hindutva goons’ who are ‘spreading terror’ are actually getting murdered while the ‘brave’ Islamists continue to ‘stand up’ for themselves, sometimes even choosing murder, in a secular, democratic country where they get equal, even more religious freedom than the majority community

Similar has been the case with leftist media outlet The Guardian’s Aina Khan. She, aided by full-time Islamists goes on streets of Leicester, creates a narrative that it is the ‘BJP/RSS goons’ and ‘Hindutva goons’ who are spreading terror when visuals have clearly shown the involvement of rabid Islamists who have a history of giving hateful speeches. She somehow makes Hindus appear like aggressors when clear evidence shows a terrifying mob taking to the streets and targeting Hindus.

In fact, as per the latest reports, Hindus have even fled the locality after being under constant threat. Islamists have, for a few months now, left threatening messages that they want to ‘clean’ Hindus from Leicester just like they ‘did from Kashmir.’ The tension had been brewing between Hindu and Muslim communities for a while now and Hindus who were displaying Hindu symbols in their cars and homes have been attacked.

Later, the violence even erupted in Birmingham because allegedly the Muslim community had protested against an event which was to be attended by Sadhvi Ritambhara. While some Islamists claimed that the program was cancelled two weeks back, earlier this week, an Islamist mob surrounded the temple, which was to host the event, and chanted Allahu Akbar while threatening the Hindus present inside.

Here, too, the Hindus are being portrayed as the aggressors by the ummah and ummah-friendly media while the Hindus are quietly giving messages of harmony and unity.

An elderly Hindu man is surrounded by Muslim men inside what appears like a masjid, days after a 200-300 strong Islamist mob surrounded the temple chanting Allahu Akbar, says how ‘we are all family’. Clearly, no duress here. It’s all cool.

On the other hand, Hindu women journalists are heckled and hooted at by Islamist mobs and even then it is justified as ‘Godi media’ deserved it. In fact, not just that, even ‘liberals’ like Shashi Tharoor were heckled and greeted by Islamic slogans when he visited Jamia Milia Islamia when he went there in January 2020 to extend solidarity with anti-CAA protestors.

The sad irony of the situation is, all this happens when in Iran, women are getting killed, beaten and dragged for not wearing hijab ‘properly’. In Afghanistan, women have been shunned from workplaces and schools, because the radical Islamists, the very same ones who had praised Muskan Khan for ‘choosing’ to wear a burqa in her college, have banned girls from basic education, declaring they don’t need studying.

Muskan Khan became ‘brave’ easily because she knew she is in India, a secular democratic country where she will not be beaten or killed for raising her voice. She was confidently shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ because she knew that the persons standing before are are Hindus. They do not kill. Aina Khan can happily blame the victims of violence as aggressors, can spread misinformation about them because she knows that the Hindus do not kill, the chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ won’t be followed by suicide vests blowing up. She can defame Hindus and publish all her rants because she knows that the Hindus won’t march inside the office of the Guardian and kill the employees like Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi did in 2015.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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