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‘Hindus should be killed like Jews’: Islamist Arif Nashriyaat with over 90K Insta followers, echoes the Hamas calls for a ‘Global Jihad’

Arif Nashriyaat proclaimed his joy at the crimes committed by assailants affiliated with Hamas and posted, "My Allah, you have given great peace to the hearts of us Muslims. Grant success to the Muslims of Palestine in the same way and also end the oppressors living in India soon. Amen."

The ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel which escalated after the Hamas terrorists entered into the Jewish nation and mercilessly massacred citizens including the elderly, women and babies has found support from Islamists worldwide. Notably, the extremists in India are not far behind either. They are rejoicing in the bloodshed in Israel and desire to perpetuate similar atrocities against Hindus in India. They are repeatedly making genocidal calls to provoke their co-religionists into murdering Hindus.

Arif Nashriyaat from Rajasthan who calls himself a ‘public figure’ has also joined the chorus and is baiting for the blood of the Hindus. He has around 92 thousand followers on Instagram and more than thirty-five thousand subscribers on YouTube and often indoctrinates his audience to pick up weapons for the cause of jihad. He has claimed that he is ‘dismantling the batil’ (falsehood according to Islam) in the biography of his account which also contains other Islamic messages.

The influencer uses anecdotes from Islamic mythology to threaten and provoke violence against Hindus. In one of his recent videos, he alleged, “The Sanghis who slaughtered Iqbal, Nasir, Junaid, Waris, and Tabreez and murdered Muslims in buses, markets, mosques, forests, and prisons, I want to warn them to kill as many Muslims as they want like animals, but to keep in mind that when the slave of the Prophet Muhammad screams, it will move mountains.”

It is important to note that the names he mentioned were of thieves and cow smugglers and the law is taking its own course in ensuring justice. Interestingly, he did not provide any evidence of his accusations because, in reality, Hindus are the ones who have lost their lives at the hands of Muslims whether as a result of Islamic terrorism, frequent attacks on Hindus and their religious processions or love jihad.

He expressed his admiration for the gut-wrenching deaths of innocent civilians in Israel and boasted, “You RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and Sanghi thugs are already terrified following what transpired in Israel. The world watched as Israel which you believed to be a major power with plenty of security and weapons was massacred like dogs by Palestinian Muslims.” Fanatics try to mask their innate bigotry with labels such as ‘Sanghi’ and ‘RSS’ and to deceive credulous people into believing that they aren’t anti-Hindu.

He added, “The way you are tormenting Indian Muslims, the Sahaba (Companions of the Prophet of Islam) was tortured a lot more by the infidels in Mecca. However, they retaliated like the wrath of Allah and you are aware of the history of Umar and the sword of Ali.” Both Umar and Ali were caliphs of the Rashidun caliphate was the first caliphate to succeed the Islamic prophet.

Interestingly, many fundamentalists around the world, including ISIS (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) want to restore the caliphate where Muslims are the rulers and the infidels either convert, live in subjugation or lose their lives.

Arif Nashriyaat proclaimed his joy at the crimes committed by assailants affiliated with Hamas and posted, “My Allah, you have given great peace to the hearts of us Muslims. Grant success to the Muslims of Palestine in the same way and also end the oppressors living in India soon. Amen,” along with a picture bearing the Palestinian flag and Al-Aqsa Mosque and the words “Congratulations on Victory” exhibited on top.

Arif Nashriyaat claimed that the Prophet Muhammad had two enemies, infidels who attacked him openly and religious hypocrites who did the same behind his back in another clip. “Indian Muslims also have two adversaries. One is the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) which targets them publicly and the second is Congress which does it covertly. Those Indian Muslims who support these parties should understand that either they are with infidels or religious hypocrites. If the Muslims meet their end while siding with BJP or Congress it would be that of an infidel or a religious hypocrite.”

“Where did Islam fall short that you want to join these political parties for your benefit? Did the prophet ever associate with infidels or religious hypocrites? What kind of Islam do you practice,” he asked while expressing his disgust for non-Muslims.

Arif Nashriyaat’s hatred for non-Muslims and love for jihad

Arif Nashriyaat is a habitual offender who portrays Islam as the only true religion while presenting others as false. He spread fake news on the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and argued that Indian Muslims would be compelled to abide by constitutional rules rather than being permitted to conduct their life in accordance with the Quran. He threatened the Muslim women not to marry infidels because they would turn into one and face rape and murder.

He denigrated non-Muslims as lowlives and firmly opposed idolatry as well as condemned celebrating any of their festivals. He even bragged about how his community would sacrifice their lives for Islam. He doesn’t want Muslim women to reveal their faces in public and wants them to remain inside the confines of their homes in order to execute ‘real jihad’. He is also of the opinion that music is ‘haram’ (forbidden) and anti-Islam. He admires the late Pakistani Islamic scholar and leader Dr. Israr Ahmad who gained notoriety for his radical ideology, support for Islamic supremacy and contempt for non-Muslims.

There are hundreds of videos on his social media that provide a glimpse into his deeply radicalised and anti-Hindu mindset. He celebrates the murder of innocents and projects it as a form of resistance which is a text approach of jihad apologists and its enablers. He perpetually refers to Muslims as victims of oppression and justifies the terror executed by them as retribution. All of his uploads are received with resounding agreement and approval by his Muslim supporters.

A major concern is that the Congress government which has a disgraceful record of giving a free run to jihadi elements has not taken any action against him despite all his hatred and Hinduphobia. It is a prime reason that such people feel emboldened under Congress regimes and spew venom against the majority community. Importantly, the Congress party recently passed a resolution in support of Palestine and criticised the terror inflicted by Hamas in a hogwash statement after the Modi government unequivocally stood with the Jewish nation and slammed Hamas.

It is noteworthy that the growing hatred against Hindus which is a global minority and historically oppressed from Kashmir to Kerala continues to endure such vileness in the only country that it can call their home. The dismal condition of the community in its neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh is a testament to the atrocities faced by them for generations and which they are experiencing to this day without any reprieve.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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