Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Twitterati slam Aakar Patel for his idiotic article branding Hindus as terrorists

Aakar Patel writes, "Most extremists in India are Hindu", and he is ruthlessly bashed on Twitter for his hatred.

#BelurMuttAttack: police and media apathy, from the eyes of a bystander

The blast at Bellur Math was quickly branded as a low-intensity blast. Similar incidences near Churches have been sold as religious intolerance for the past many days

Dear Deepika, Is it just #mychoice? – An Open Letter from a woman

A woman shoots back at another woman, Deepika.

Why the “kameena” sting on Arvind Kejriwal could be a scripted one

There are many reasons to believe that the latest sting operation against Kejriwal was planned by Kejriwal himself.

I love Cricket, but spare me your activism or intellectualism – an everyday fan writes

Cricket can glue that can bring together our diverse people, spanning multiple languages, cuisines and cultures. But most importantly, it is the joy that lights up the lives of millions.

Is a community under attack? Or a Prime Minister?

Are the "repeated attacks on Christians" a conspiracy to defame the country and the PM?

A Christian responds to a Christian who felt “he was a stranger in his own country”

A fellow Christian who disagrees with Julio Ribeiro speaks out

An Open letter to AAP from an AAP supporter

A heartbroken supporter of AAP opens up

Is media spreading hysteria over Swine Flu? A fact check

Instead of creating a hysteria over swine flu, media should properly research and inform people of the fact of the matter.

Masarat Alam – To Free Or Not To Free

Masarat Alam has a dubious past and it was in national interests to use the law against him

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