Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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‘If you have even a drop of Rajput blood within, show those documents’: Prince Yakub Habeebuddin Tucy challenges BJP MP Diya Kumari

Prince Yakub Habeebuddin Tucy said, "My message to the nation is the same as the message given by Modi Ji. Don't pay any attention to what these blabberers are saying."

YouTuber Abhisar Sharma says India is known world over because of Taj Mahal, here are some brilliant architectural marvels predating it

As Hindus demand to open the closed doors of Taj Mahal, YouTuber Abhisar Sharma claims it identifies India

‘I did not run away with 8 crore rupees’: Former Congress social media chief Divya Spandana says the story was ‘planted’ in media

After remaining out of the spotlight for a while, ex-Congress IT cell chief Divya Spandana has returned to Twitter to criticise her ex-colleagues for maligning her reputation.

‘Don’t invite girls on stage’: Kerala Maulvi lashes out at fellow clerics for inviting a meritorious girl on stage to receive an award

When the class 10 student named Mashida was called on stage to receive the prize for topping her class, senior cleric MT Abdulla Musaliyar walked towards the place where the girl was felicitated and reprimanded the fellow clerics for inviting "a girl on stage".

Social media users slam Aamir Khan for Ira Khan’s photos celebrating her birthday in a bikini

Social Media users criticised Aamir Khan for the birthday photos with his daughter Ira Khan on social media because Ira was wearing a pair of bikinis.

Maye Musk and her son Elon Musk are giving everyone mother-son goals

Whether it is at the Vanity Fair Oscars party or the Met Gala or even on Saturday Night Live, Maye Musk has always been there with her support.

Hindustan Times’ Mint wants brands to cancel YouTuber Gaurav Taneja for ‘politically motivated’ posts

unapologetic display of Hindu way of life by Gaurav Taneja seems to have not gone well with 'liberal-secular' media.

As Pfizer releases more than 80000 pages on its Covid-19 vaccine, claims about it flood social media: Here are the facts

Claims and facts about the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine after the company released over 80000 pages on the vaccine

Facebook tried to blackmail Australia, took down Australian govt emergency services and hospital pages to influence new law asking tech giants to pay

Social media giant Facebook deliberately took down several pages of Australian hospitals, emergency services and charities to pressure the country

As Muslim family of wife kills Hindu man for marrying their daughter, NDTV editor says murder should not be given communal angle

NDTV editor Uma Sudhir says there is no communal angle in murder of Nagaraju for marrying a Muslim girl by her family

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