Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Social Media

Is AAP social media team stealing pictures of girls off the Internet to spread agenda?

Will DCW chief Swati Mahiwal swing into action against this apparent misuse of girls' pictures?

Rahul Gandhi doesn’t need to defend himself, loyal journalists would do that for him

The journalist defended Rahul over allegations of him meeting Nirav Modi

Congress mouthpiece attempts to win Twitter poll by blocking people en masse

It appears as thought the mouthpiece of the Congress party is muzzling the democratic voice of people

Amul throws a dagger at Pakistan, ends up piercing the ‘Liberal’ heart

From 'The Scroll' to 'Rising Kashmir', the hurt is visible.

Jignesh Mevani ‘doubts’ if anybody ever said ‘I love you’ to PM Modi, here is how Twitter responded

The flood of tweets reiterating the people's love for Narendra Modi must have cleared the doubts of Jignesh Mevani

Muslim woman deletes Facebook account after rape threats by Islamists, Communist says not as bad as Khap threatening women

The instance is an example of how the leftists and so-called liberals become apologists of Islamists.

Shurpanakha Defence League needs to brush up its facts

The left liberals did not leave the chance to attack Lord Rama too

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