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Liberals have displayed pathological hatred towards chants such as ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ that draw nationalist pride among Indians
Once I became a Hindu again, Hindutva was the obvious political preference.
The liberal meltdown against the 'Statue of Unity' has been flush with myriad excuses.
Even if Congress loses state after state, its loyalists stand firm
The abuser is followed on Twitter by many Congress leaders and self proclaimed liberals and feminists.
A journalist attempts suicide after alleging harassment by The Wire journalist Krishna Kant.
The hatemonger masquerading as journalist justified his wish to see Narendra Modi dead.
Anything against Hindus is secular for them.
The Indian 'liberal' (within quotes) exhibits some typical behaviour that can be termed 'orientalist'. Read why.
Sagarika Ghose had asked for a 'Manifesto for a liberal Hindu', here it is. Adopt it and spread it.
Recent socio-political developments are attracting the worst from those who call themselves ‘liberal’
A lot has been written about how fringe is becoming mainstream, another view.
Vote share data from the recently concluded assembly elections can bring some 'cheers' to Adarsh Liberals.
I will revere you only if you align to my ideology, else you will be dismissed as a troll, misogynist or racist.
Liberalism has become the new religion. There are just too many similarities.
A handbook to help a self-declared ‘liberal’ person on appropriate reactions after UP election results are announced.
Maoists destroyed a thousand years old Ganesha statue. The message it conveys is more violent.
Left has used this power of labeling to avoid criticism, now it has become a farce.
A 'Liberal from New Delhi' writes why he is unhappy with Dangal. Satire, or maybe not.
Wish the best for your baby, and because the name you chose exposes the ‘liberals’.
The ad around demonetisation exposed the phoney concerns of privileged activist class.
The tirade against Arnab Goswami by Barkha Dutt has many layers to it. TRPs, ego, and ideology to name a few.
Mainstream media makes you believe that only Modi fans abuse, hear other stories.
Jhanvi Behal became a victim of cyberbullying for expressing her views.
Adarsh Liberals have today filed a PIL in the Supreme Court demanding the national flag be declared a dangerous weapon.
The so-called liberals of India are a fit case for research in double standards and hypocrisies.
Is it about women’s rights or taking away community rights?
Adarsh Liberal has become an online legend
In Malda, thousands (or lakhs) of people attacked Hindu places of worship, police stations, buses, cars, but our "liberal" media defended the event by calling them "protesters".

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