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Rahul Gandhi, while 'apologising' for Sam Pitroda's remarks, had said that Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh had apologised for the 1984 Sikh genocide. But did they really?
Rahul Gandhi said that what Sam Pitroda said what completely out of line and he should apologise for it. He said that justice needed to be done and the people responsible for 1984 "tragedy" have to be punished.
Sam Pitroda says he wanted to mean jo hua vo bura hua, but ended up saying hua to hua as his Hindi is bad
Civil Riots…err…Rights Lawyer Prashant Bhushan gets away with murder. But this time he might have pushed his luck too far.
The Daily Telegraph agrees that its January 19 article about Melania Trump had several false statements, and agreed to pay damages along with apologising for the same.
Vishwas was appearing in the Arun Jaitley defamation case in Delhi High Court
After Nitin Gadkari, Bikram Majithia and Kapil Sibal, Kejriwal and his team apologise to Arun Jaitley.
Kejriwal's apology doesn't embarrass him, it should embarrass all of us as we were conned and scammed.
Feel Arvind Kejriwal has offended you? Now you can get an apology
The Akali leader had filed a defamation case against Kejriwal
The FM station had shared an absurd campaign that aimed to demean India
Rather than apologising, the Newslaundry columnist decided to stoop even lower.
A news agency should ideally NOT be in the news for such reasons.
The Supreme Court has now decided to hear the case on its merits
The incident happened in a court hearing where NDTV is challenging the 1 day ban imposed by the I&B ministry.
Rajdeep and India Today make a mistake while pointing out a mistake
The complainants are however not yet satisfied and want the restaurant to be closed down.
David has just struck the first blow on the Goliath media
An alleged 'joke' on the Pope, a legal notice, and an apology from a star.
The editorial for which a Marathi daily's editor had to apologize - Not Intolerance

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